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Binhai Construction and Investment Group continues to present high-quality projects with 12 Binha...
Dagang border inspection station established
Northern International Trust to restructure itself, increase investment and add share holders
Binhai New Area Supervision Commission established
Resolutely dismantling illegal construction to eliminate potential safety risks
 Economy           [more]
Open economy to stimulate new development vitality for TBNA
Intelligent economy to contribute new advantages in Binhai New Area
Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park to hand over dazzling transcript
Cross-border e-commerce in Binhai New Area develops by leaps and bounds
High-quality projects settled in Binhai New Area to add momentum to its devel...
 Enterprise           [more]
48 entrepreneurs from Binhai New Area "won titles"
Two science and technology enterprises settle in Development Zone
7 patents from 6 companies in Binhai New Area listed
10 Senterprises in Binhai New Area identified as landmark Sleaders
Dagang Street of Binhai New Area completes “the campaing of 10,000 carders s...
 life         [more]
People dance lightly when wind disappears and the sky is blue
Binhai “porcelain doll” helps WIFI to village
BHNA Classics Reading Week Attracts Foreign Constructors
Water supply in Tanggu increased by 35,000 cubic meters
Development Zone’s Multi-department Launch of Law Popularization Activity in...


The 7th Tianjin Binhai In...
Binhai Performing Arts Ce...

Binhai New Area lists sch...
"Internet + medication" a...
TEDA Aircraft Carrier Par...
A good place for winter t...
Community Education in Bi...
Binhai Library accepts so...
Dense Traffic Network Soars
Binhai New area weaves a ...
Tianjin Victory Hotel
Tianjin Jun Hui Jian Guo ...
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