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Work plan for campaign of “10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterpris... 2018/03/15
"Independent VIP tax office" debuts in Dongjiang FTP 2018/02/22
Leading industries in Dongjiang FTP gather new kinetic energy 2018/01/24
Dongjiang FTP ushers in new emerging financial projects 2018/01/17
Dongjiang financial leasing infuses new vitality into the OBOR 2017/12/25
Factoring Project of SINOPHARM Settles in Tianjin Dongjiang, with t... 2017/12/22
The first unmanned imported goods store debuted 2017/12/14
Dongjiang FTP debuted at Global Engineering Management Forum: To fo... 2017/12/13
Quality and quantity of domestic-funded financial leasing pilot ent... 2017/12/04
Dongjiang Import Direct Sales Cross-border Shopping Mall Is Launched 2017/11/27
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