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Dongjiang invested in the country's first cross-border e-commerce b... 2019/05/08
Financial leasing giants reached strategic cooperation with Dongjia... 2019/04/26
Transformation and upgrading of logistics and warehousing industry ... 2018/11/19
COFCO Biochemical Sales Company settled in Dongjiang FTP: Fully gua... 2018/11/16
Dongjiang financial leasing enterprises serve the countryside 2018/10/29
Shenzhen Kongshi Intelligent Financing leasing settled in Dongjiang... 2018/10/22
Dongjiang "bank-enterprise docking platform" launched on-line trial... 2018/09/20
New financial industry in Dongjiang FTP adds new power 2018/09/05
Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone of Tianjin Has Recently Established ... 2018/09/04
The largest private iron ore enterprise in China set up a commercia... 2018/08/27
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