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Guohua Financial Leasing settled in Dongjiang FTP with a registered... 2018/07/13
Xiaohongshu cross-border e-commerce northern distribution center se... 2018/06/11
The project of CITIC Wutong Port settled in Dongjiang to welcome 30... 2018/06/11
Dongjiang's approval reforms use combos 2018/06/08
Customs open the door for the import leasing of aircrafts 2018/05/14
Dongjiang Bonded Port Zone ushers in quality projects 2018/05/02
Dongjiang maritime financial innovation leads the country 2018/04/28
Cross-border e-commerce experience zone becomes a popular hit of CT... 2018/04/17
Southern French Winery Union joins hands with Dongjiang Bonded Port... 2018/04/13
The first batch of new electronic business licenses according to na... 2018/04/11
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