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7 projects are approved in Free trade zone includes maintenance and... 2017/09/18
"Fourth Tianjin Helicopter Expo" held in Airport Economic Zone from... 2017/09/08
Bonded Zone Customs actively serves the airport zone of the Pilot F... 2017/08/11
Airport Economic Zone and HaiteGroup signed a comprehensive strateg... 2017/07/20
Tianjin Airport Zone: From an "airport zone" to an "intelligent" one 2017/07/06
Airport Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Started Project... 2017/06/05
Fourth Airport Economic Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Compet... 2017/05/31
Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone attracts over 100-billion-yuan investm... 2017/05/27
Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone to build Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei logisti... 2017/05/27
Tianjin Bonded Area Deepen System Innovation 2017/02/10
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