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Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone held press conference this year to... 2018/01/08
The 6th China SME Service Conference held in Binhai Hi-tech Industr... 2018/01/08
High-tech zonecreates life health valley which is led by stem cell ... 2017/12/15
Lingdong Makerspace in Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone to create a... 2017/12/15
Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone opened "Valley of Health and Welln... 2017/12/14
Binhai High-tech Index hit a record high, 40% up year-on-year 2017/12/06
2017 life science innovation and development summit forum meets in ... 2017/12/06
Tianjin High-tech Area "Innovative and Entrepreneurial Force" Natio... 2017/11/23
14 THT Enterprises Join China International Medical Equipment Fair 2017/11/22
“Lingdong WeWork” of Binhai High-tech Area Obtains the Key Suppor... 2017/11/13
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