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IC Industry of Binhai New Area Accelerates Development
2016-08-04 09:37:10 编辑:马愿愿

  IC design is the cornerstone of the electronic information industry. By relying on the advantages of policy and labor cost, domestic IC design industry maintains the trend of growth which is several times of GDP growth. In the afternoon of July 13, IC Cafe activity with the theme of "New Binhai and Chip in Future" organized in TEDA focused on the field of IC design in Binhai New Area. In the opinion of the guests attending the meeting, by relying on industrial foundation and policy boost, the IC design industry in New Area will continue to usher in favorable conditions and make breakthrough.

  Industrial focus shifts towards the domestic market and all regions make efforts to seize business opportunities

  In the opinion of Xie Zhifeng, director of IC Cafe Entrepreneurial College, the global center of the IC design industry is taking Chinese mainland as the foothold along with a new round of industrial transfer after it has experienced the industrial transfer from Europe and America to Japan and then to Taiwan.

  Xie Zhifeng pointed out, “the semiconductor industry in Chinese mainland generally started late and had relatively low base. However, with the dual promotion of labor cost advantage and favorable policies, foreign large semiconductor manufacturers have successively set up plants in Chinese mainland. Also, local manufacturers are rapidly rising.”

  According to statistics, in 2015, China’s IC industry reached sales volume of 360.98 billion yuan, including 132.5 billion yuan of the industry of design, 90.08 billion yuan of manufacturing and 138.4 billion yuan of the internal test. The growth of the design and manufacturing was obviously faster than internal test and the proportion increased. The growth rate of IC design industry even reached 26.5%, nearly 7% higher than the average growth rate of the entire industry. The industry structure tended to be more balanced.

  The IC design industry is in the most high-end part, as well as the core and soul of IC industry. Compared with IC manufacturing and internal test industries, IC design has less investment and high added value, so it has become the breakthrough point and major focus for China to develop the IC industry. In this field, Tsinghua Unigroup, Hisilicon and a number of industrial leading enterprises are rising at an accelerated speed. Among which, Hisilicon has achieved the output value of 22.1 billion yuan, ranking top one in domestic IC industry. It is also the leader in the entire IC industry.

  But at the same time, IC design industry also faces the problems such as the huge gap of performance between domestic products and international advanced products and weak overall industry capacity. The importance of IC design industry and its huge development space attract governments at all levels to continuously gather in this emerging field.

  Xie Zhifeng pointed out that no other country in the world values the IC industry as much as China. The reporter noted that, in recent years, China has introduced a series of national policies and measures to support the development of the IC industry. For example, the Development planning for the IC industry in the period of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” has proposed a series of measures such as enhancing the efficiency of financial capital utilization and expanding investment and financing measures. While at the local level, after Beijing established the semiconductor IC development equity fund with the scale of 30 billion yuan at the end of last year, many other provinces and cities have also made plans accordingly.

  As design has separated from manufacturing and a number of chip OEM enterprises have arisen in recent years, it becomes possible for the IC design industry to achieve rapid development. The reporter learned that Binhai New Area and a number of other regions in the leading position in the electronic information industry all focus on developing the IC design industry.

  Continue to increase incentive policies to boost the accelerated industrial development of New Area

  Among many domestic cities gathering the IC design industry, Tianjin has attracted much attention in the past few years. From 2011 to 2013, the sales volume of IC design industry of Tianjin ranked top one among domestic cities, showing the average growth rate of 177.6%. Among which, New Area played a vital role. According to statistics, the New Area accounted for nearly 90% among the sales volume of IC industry in Tianjin in 2015.

  “Binhai New Area has a good industrial base and environment,” said a person familiar with the IC design industry of the New Area. At the end of the last century, the settlement of Motorola started the development of domestic IC industry. In 2008, TEDA introduced the Interim measures for TEDA to promote the development of IC design industry and established Tianjin Binhai New Area IC design service center to provide industrial enterprises with public technical support service and operational solutions.

  In 2014, the New Area especially introduced the opinion on accelerating the development of IC design industry to help boost industrial development. As the core of the policy, the New Area proposed to establish the “special fund for the promotion of IC design industry” and arrange 200 million yuan of special fund for the reward for investment attraction, the software and hardware environment construction and operation fee of public service platforms, R & D and industrialization of design enterprises, fee subsidy for enterprise mergers, acquisitions and recombination, reward for talent introduction and training, expenditure support for the activities of associations, reward for appraising the outstanding ones and other items.

  According to the introduction of the relevant responsible person from Industry and Information Committee of the New Area, since the implementation of the policy, the New Area has approved and certified 17 enterprises to be IC design enterprises in Binhai New Area and offered more than 25 million yuan to support 25 projects launched by 14 enterprises. It has increased a total of 15 IC design enterprises and new investment of nearly 500 million yuan, showing the value of policy-driven for the industry.

  In the opinion of Xie Zhifeng, with the development of internet of things now, IC design enterprises are ushering in new development opportunities. Binhai New Area enterprises shall actively make use of the existing policy advantages and rely on a series of industrial platforms to carry out different levels of cooperation with industrial enterprises, so as to jointly promote industrial development.

  “Next, we will pay attention to the focal appeal points such as talents and financing reflected by enterprises and highlight relevant contents in terms of supporting industrial development,” said the relevant responsible person from the Industry and Information Committee of the New Area. According to the planning of the New Area, the industry of IC design will accelerate its development in the coming years. By 2020, the IC design industry in the New Area will realize the sales revenue of 20 billion yuan at the average annual growth of 28%, the design capacity of 14 nanometers and 80 to 100 IC design enterprises.

Overview of Binhai
Overview of Binhai
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