Intangible Cultural Heritage Dance for Spring Festival

2017-01-26 16:31

On the afternoon of Jan 24, crowds gathered in the square of the second community center of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city to see Tianjin’s “Gaojia Puzi Flying Cymbals Performance Team”, a successor of Flying Cymbid Intangible Cultural Heritage, bringing the first public performance to residents in Tianjin Eco-city. Wonderful performances attracted many residents to come to watch while creating a strong festive atmosphere.

The reporter witnessed on the scene that in the performance team, Wang Lianhua and Wang Lianye were particularly eye-catching. Although they are in their fifties, they were no different with young players when stretching and dancing. The reporter learned that Wang Lianhua and Wang Lianye are twins who began to practice flying cymbals at the age of fifteen. Wang Lianhua told the reporter, “The most attractive part of flying cymbals is its dancing moves. We dance every year and it is almost our 40th year in our performing career.”

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