Tanggu Museum Sees New Items during New Year Bagua Sail and Mendingzi Sailboat Debut

2017-01-26 16:42

Recently, Tanggu Museum has newly acquired two new exhibits of high historical and cultural value – the Bagua Sail and the Bestown Mendingzi Sail Boat, which are now officially exhibited in the museum. Cui Zhihua, deputy director of Tanggu Museum, said that the production of two exhibits took reference from a large number of historical materials so as to strive to truly display the roles of the Bagua Sail and the Bestown Mendingzi Sail Boat in the development of fishing culture in Tianjin Binhai New Area. Cui said, “The two exhibits not only enriched Tanggu Museum’s collection of resources, but also have high ornamental and research values. Since the Spring Festival is coming, this is a holiday gift presented to residents in TBNA by our museum.”(By Wang Ning)

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