Tianjin Binhai Internet Industrial Park to accelerate development: THT to send 600-million-yuan red envelope

2017-03-20 08:54

On Mar 14, the reporter learned from the Administrative Committee of Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Area (or THT for short) that the Policy (Trial) to Accelerate Development of Tianjin Binhai Internet Industrial Park by Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Area has been formally implemented. The first phase of the policy sets up 600 million yuan as special funds for the Internet industrial park, focusing on supporting the Internet infrastructural construction, introduction & cultivation of key enterprises in the industrial chain, application & demonstration of core technology, construction of platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, business model innovation, brand development, e-commerce and so on.

Incentive + Subsidy: to reinforce efforts to introduce and cultivate market players

It is learned that the policy only applies to companies which have business, tax and statistical relations in the Tianjin Binhai Internet Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as "Internet Industrial Park"), and which engage in Internet-related technology, software, application development and services, intelligent manufacturing, institutions and entrepreneurial teams. For the newly settled Internet companies, as long as after one year of its establishment, they hire more than 30 persons, and rent incubators or makerspace platforms in the Internet industrial park, a 2-year rent relief for up to 2000-square-meter office space for two years is granted. For domestic and foreign well-known Internet leading enterprises which set up new headquarters or move their headquarters to the Internet industrial park, as well as renting or purchasing office space and finishing corresponding renovation, THT will give subsidy of 1,000 yuan per square meter for decoration and the total maximum of it is less than 10 million yuan.

In order to further promote "Internet +" to attract Internet companies to gather, the Internet Industrial Park will also choose a number of "Internet +" demonstration application projects in fields of healthcare, energy saving & environmental protection, intelligent transportation, cultural and creative industry, e-commerce, public services to offer preferential supports. For projects with investment of 10 million yuan and above, THT will offer a substantial proportion of actual investment with a maximum subsidy of less than 2 million yuan.

Abundant rewards are used to encourage corporate innovative development.

In order to encourage the innovation and development of Internet companies, THT especially "raises" rewards this time to stimulate the vitality of enterprises. The above-mentioned policy (Trial) indicates that any enterprise which wins the first prize, second prize or among the first three units of the national scientific and technological progress award or national technology invention award will be given a maximum of 10 million yuan and 5 million yuan lump-sum rewards. For any enterprise which successfully applies national or municipal engineering and technological research center, engineering research center, industrial design center, enterprise technological center and key laboratory of Internet business, will also be given 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan lump-sum award.

In addition, THT will also give up to 3 million yuan and 100 million yuan as supportive awards to one in line with standard of "unicorn enterprise" or "potential unicorn enterprise" which innovate business model in the industrial park.

Talent housing is provided to promote talent gathering.

In order to further promote gathering of talents, the Internet Industrial Park will play its multiple advantages of independent innovation areas, free trade zones and innovation & entrepreneurship demonstration bases, and apply talent employment policies such as "equal citizen treatment" and "employment with household registration provided" etc. in the Internet Industrial Park. The implementation of the talent housing project, favoring partners in Internet companies, senior managers and core technical backbones who are to buy the first set of housing in Tianjin, a subsidy to compensate interest of the loan is given according to the following standard: no more than 5,000 yuan each month and the maximum duration of it is no more than 5 years; for key Internet enterprises which introduce undergraduates from top universities who sign three-year and above labor contracts and pay social insurance abiding by the regulation, and who do not have any form of own housing in Tianjin, rental subsidies of 1000 yuan per month per person are given for no more than 2 years to support talents and to ensure care-free levies and work of Internet talents in the Binhai New Area.

Multiple measures are used to foster affirmative environment for development.

According to the relevant person in charge of THT, the Internet Industrial Park will set up a service center to create a large database of "Internet Enterprise + Government" to provide professional services for enterprises to accelerate opening public data resources to social communities and to realize connectivity of information, data, resources, etc. between enterprise in the park and government. Besides, free Wi-Fi service is provided in public areas in the industrial park to encourage enterprises to actively participate in building information facilities in the Internet Industrial Park.

For key Internet companies in the park which use their own 100M broadband and above, THT will offer subsidies of up to 1 million yuan in accordance with 30% of the annual broadband fee for 2 years; for Internet companies which use certified data centers and cloud computing services, THT will give maximum subsidies of no more than 1 million yuan in accordance with 50% of the actual cost for 2 years. At the same time, for business activities that have no clear national references, THT will not set the pre-approval procedures or will not conduct activities such as comprehensive tax assessment, tax inspection, special law enforcement inspection specifically for Internet-related new formats and new models. At the same time it will establish a "prudential supervision" mechanism, so when relevant functional departments receive complaints, and cases involving Internet enterprises, they should inform the Internet Industrial Park Office to facilitate coordination and to solve relevant issues.

Investment and financing are encouraged to enhance financial support.

In order to encourage Internet companies to develop bigger and stronger with financial support, THT will take advantage of the government guidance funds to build angel investment to support sub-investment systems such as VC (venture capital), PE (private equity), etc. to support development of the Internet industry, and to allow part of income of the government guidance funds to stimulate technological backbones of the Internet companies in the form of equity incentives, say to give equity subscription, support and other supports to teams or individuals that meet the conditions.

For Internet companies that get investment from archived venture capital investment enterprises and that are still in their seeding stage, if they have business income, THT will subsidize100% of the proportion of investment equity in the first two years and 50% of the equity in the following three years. At the same time, THT will support and reward venture capital enterprises and investment partners to transfer equities in the Internet Industrial Park.(By Wang Ning)

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