"10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises" in the Bonded Zone: 2960 enterprises register and report online

2017-04-21 13:30

The reporters learned from the summary report of the first phase for enterprises and the promotion meeting for solving problems in the second phase, which are part of the "10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises " campaign in the Bonded Area, that by April 10, the Bonded Area has helped 2960 enterprises to complete "double 100%" registration and report through online platform, among which 398 enterprises submitted 748 problems in various kind. At present, the Bonded Area has sorted out all these problems, and according to the contents of enterprise problems, the Bonded Area distributed them to relevant functional departments and agencies, requiring departments to take the initiative to dock enterprises, to coordinate and to solve the problems while departments must clarify responsibilities, timetables and road maps to guarantee that problems reflected by enterprises are "addressed one by one with proper response."

In accordance with the arrangement of Tianjin Municipality, the Bonded Area targets at 1718 enterprises with certain scale and limited output for assessment during the "10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises" campaign. The Bonded Area starts from the perspective of practical services to enterprises and promotion of regional economic development, adheres to the problem as orientation, adds self-pressure besides the assessment in the Municipality and includes quasi-limit enterprises, "small growth" enterprises, enterprises operating in the Bonded Area, key construction projects and key investment promotion projects into the "10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises" campaign to enlarge the scope and number of enterprises and projects to 2960; therefore, it can grasp regional economic development with a full mastery of detailed business situation and general summary.

Problems from enterprises cannot be delayed for any moment, so when enterprises register and report problems and difficulties during the "10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises" campaign, the Bonded Area already starts to solve problems for the enterprises. Recently, problems arose when equipment were transported and installed problems during the completion of supporting facilities and its delivery center of the key project Airbus A330. After learning about the situation, the Bonded Area Customs took a pioneer role in China and proposed a Delivery Plan for Supporting Bonded Facilities of Airbus A330, which was specifically customized for Airbus A330 project in accordance with its own characteristics even though the act is conflicting with some existing provisions. The Plan allows timely release of " painting air flow organization system for paint shops", which is tailored supporting facility, while following the bonded equipment to on-site installation for regulatory supervision to verify the installation and use of equipment, so as to guarantee the progress of key project and to facilitate the construction. The equipment is the first batch of bonded equipment installed in the unaccepted block in the Comprehensive Bonded Area, as well as the first case in the national bonded customs system. At present, construction and follow-up operations of the Airbus A330 project is proceeding smoothly.

Tianjin Huaming Yongsheng Packing Products Co., Ltd., located in the Bonded Area, is an enterprise supported by the market supervision bureau in the Bonded Area. After learning about its demand to expand its market and other needs, the market supervision and management staff in the Bonded Area actively communicate with other enterprises in the area to help it dock market resources. Up to now, the enterprise has been docking with Xiangpiaopiao, Kerry Grain & Oil and other companies in the Airport Economic Zone, and they are expected to carry out business cooperation.

Relevant person in charge of the Administrative Committee of the Bonded Area said that years of working experience proved that the more party building work, the more dynamic development and the greater potential. Therefore, the Administrative Committee of Bonded Area changes working model by combining the enterprise party building and the "10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises" campaign closely. When cadres conduct in-depth research in enterprises, they discover problems enterprises have encountered, while actively promoting the party's grass-roots construction in order to understand and solve the problems faced by enterprises in terms of funds, labor, market, administrative approval, policy support and other issues; moreover, they earnestly grasp the needs of party building for enterprises, help enterprises to raise construction level of grass-roots party organization, and strive for mutual and coordinated development between party building and corporate development.(By Wang Ning)

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