CanSino Bio in TBNA gets financing of 450 million yuan

2017-04-21 13:36

On April 18, CANSINO BIOLOGICS INC. (CanSino) announced the completion of a new round financing of 450 million yuan. The current round of financing was done by the advanced manufacturing industry investment fund of the International Investment Management Co., Ltd. and co-financed by investors such as Gefei Assets, Dacheng Venture Capital, Jinshi Yikang and other new investors and Eli Lilly Asia Ventures, Qiming Venture, etc..

CanSino, located in TEDA, is dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of new vaccine products for human use and has established R&D lines covering more than 10 new vaccines including pneumonia, tuberculosis, Ebola virus, meningitis, cervical cancer and a series of diseases. It has launched four new vaccine products in North America, Africa and China, respectively, which have entered the clinical I-III study while three products are waiting for clinical approvals. Among the above-mentioned products, recombinant Ebola virus vaccine, recombinant pneumococcal protein vaccine and recombinant tuberculosis vaccine are the global innovative vaccines.

CanSino relies on its research and development technology platform for international advanced vaccine, owns a number of core intellectual property rights and proprietary technology, and assumes a number of major national projects for drug creation and major infectious diseases special treatment. CanSino invests nearly 500 million yuan to build a new vaccine industrial base, the first phase of which is to be completed during the year with design and construction standards in line with China and requirements of the World Health Organization. After it is put into production, supply of a number of vaccine products can be realized with a production capacity of more than 100 million. (By Wang Ning)

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