Leasing aircrafts rank the first: first quarter of "big aircrafts" leasing took the lead far ahead

2017-04-21 13:39

According to the latest statistics released, in the first quarter of this year, China's new aircraft companies introduced 65 large aircrafts, of which 32 large aircraft were from Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port by means of financial leasing. Dongjiang takes a leading role in the leasing industry, especially aviation leasing, and it continues to provide strong support for rapid development of China's aviation industry. As of the end of March this year, Dongjiang has accumulated 874 aircraft leasing businesses, which contain 660 large aircraft in various kinds, and have occupied one-fifth of the domestic civil aviation aircrafts. Why are "big planes" rental favored the Dongjiang Bonded Port? The reporters conducted an in-depth interview.

Continuous innovation brings enough room for corporate development.

"Dongjiang Bonded Port has the best development environment currently for domestic aircraft leasing industry, where innovation on structural model of aircraft financial leasing has been pumping out endlessly," said an official of Xiamen Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd. This company is only a "rookie" in the field of aircraft leasing and has recently successfully used Tianjin Jinren Leasing Co., Ltd., a company it registered in Dongjiang, Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone, to lease one Airbus A321 aircraft and to China Eastern Airlines – this is the company's first new aircraft leasing business.

Under the backdrop that an increasing number of airlines tend to rent aircrafts, China's aviation leasing is heating up. However, due to late start of China's aviation leasing industry, its development is lagging behind. To a certain extent, it cannot meet the actual needs of airlines. In order to catch up with international standards, we need to continue to make breakthroughs and innovation in leasing models. "Over the years, the Dongjiang kept upgrading its leasing models, which is a dare to break through the innovation in one field, where our aircraft leasing business model can often achieve a breakthrough," said an official from one aircraft leasing company, which favored the aircraft leasing business in Dongjiang because of continuous model innovation as essential elements. In the annual event of "China Aviation Financial Award", aircraft leasing innovation transactions in the Dongjiang Bonded Port ranked the first.

It is learned that aircraft leasing industry in the Dongjiang Bonded Port has formed a mature model and system in financing, trading, supervision, rent payment and other aspects. At present, 100% of the innovative structure related to aviation leasing in China is derived from Dongjiang Bonded Port, such as China's first single-class aircraft leasing transaction, the first leasing transaction of single SPV borrow of foreign debt for large aircraft, China's first single aircraft transfer leasing transaction and other more than 30 kinds of leasing trading structures, which are regarded as the "Dongjiang Model" by the industry.

Policies bring facilitation to build an "Oriental Ireland".

Positive policy environment in line with international standards for development of aircraft leasing industry in Dongjiang Bonded Port also brings benefits to leasing companies when carrying out transactions. For example, to promote the aircraft financial leasing business, Tianjin Customs updates its management model, develops a Plan for Coordinated Supervision over Leased Aircrafts in Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone and achieves information sharing, command interchange and coordinated supervision within the subordinate customs in the Tianjin Customs.

"Now after aircrafts land, they are going to the airport customs for warehouse recording. When declaring in the Dongjiang Bonded Port Customs, aircrafts enter the Tianjin Binhai New Area Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which is responsible to conduct coordinated supervision over imports and exports. The coordinated regulatory mechanism guarantees quality and efficient supervision and brings benefits to leasing companies," said relevant responsible personnel in Tianjin Customs. The Tianjin Customs builds an information management platform and uses information technology to achieve on-site data docking among three customs in the Dongjiang Bonded Port, Airport Economic Zone and Comprehensive Bonded Area so as to enhance the efficiency of customs clearance.

With the policy support of "Financial Reform 30" in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, support, domestic leasing companies have access to receive foreign currency as rent and foreign-invested enterprises can implement foreign exchange capital settlement, etc. – these are all realized under the context of the Pilot FTZ to benefit many aviation leasing companies.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Administrative Committee in Dongjiang Bonded Port that this year Dongjiang has fully exerted its customs policy and strong innovative ability as a special custom-supervision area, and has actively implemented the national strategy to continuously promote construction of a national leasing innovation demonstration area, especially for fast growing aviation leasing industry. At present, the Dongjiang Bonded Port is trying to build itself into China's aviation finance and financial leasing center as well as an "Oriental Ireland".(By Wang Ning)

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