Tianjin Fair 2017 to be successfully concluded: Domestic investment amounts to 27.8 b yuan

2017-05-18 14:09

On May 16, the 5-day China Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair 2017, i.e., PECC Expo was concluded. During the exhibition, more than 50 delegations, more than 5000 enterprises and 210,000 people from 20 countries and regions as well as 30 provinces in China participated, with a domestic contracted amount of 27.8 billion yuan, a foreign contract amount of 140 million US dollars and commodity trade volume of 950 million yuan while 3800 people sign agreements or reach intention for talent exchange.

It is learned that the current Tianjin Fair will become an important platform for investment. The municipal and provincial investment projects launched more than 6 thousand investment promotions while more than 200 reached collaboration intention, involving advanced manufacturing, new energy, financial factoring, infrastructure in fields of logistics, trade, tourism, commercial real estate, mining and so on. At the same time, Tianjin Fair will also become an important platform for enterprises to expand their markets. The sections such as imported goods in Dongjiang FTP, e-commerce, time-honored brands, quality life and crafts exhibition gather tens of thousands kinds of commodities, attracting a large number of merchants. Over 5000 kinds of imported food, cosmetics, maternal products, health care products from Germany, Britain, France, Australia, the United States and China's Taiwan, Hongkong and places are widely welcomed. The "fresh express", "the kitchen express" and "parallel imported cars" have aroused widespread interest among the public. In the transaction at the same time, the dealers carried out in-depth communication, discussion and cooperation with a focus on the supply chain management, cross-border e-commerce, cold chain logistics, parallel imports and other new trade patterns.(By Wang Ning)

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