International ship & maritime leasing in Dongjiang FTP takes lead in China

2017-05-19 16:15

On May 16, the reporter learned from the Third China Maritime Finance (Dongjiang FTP) International Summit was held in Tianjin. As a national leasing innovation demonstration zone, the Dongjiang Free Trade Port attaches great importance to in-depth integration of maritime financial industry and the international capital while actively building a pilot area of innovation and development of maritime finance in China. Since more and more financial leasing agencies began to reach out to the field of marine engineering structure leasing, a rental business of single-ship and marine engineering equipment was completed in the Dongjiang FTP. By the end of April this year, Dongjiang FTP had a total of 2230 registered leasing companies, a cumulative registered capital of 288.8 billion yuan and a cumulative 160 registered single-ship companies while international ship rental assets reaches 5.2 billion US dollars, accounting for 80% in the country; its leasing assets of offshore oil drilling platforms amounts to 2.5 billion US dollars, accounting for 100% in China.

An innovative leasing mode leads ship and maritime leasing in China.


With the strategic opportunity brought by the Belt and Road Initiative and policies in Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone gradually implemented, a favorable opportunity is provided for leasing companies to carry out shipping leasing business. This year, with the implementation of a New Deal for ship registration in Tianjin Pilot FTZ, free shipping registration fee, relaxation of the proportion of foreign investment, online application for pre-registration and other series of favorable policies introduced, they will play a great role in promoting to the development of maritime financial industry.

As a national leasing innovation demonstration area, with great supports from the national ministries and relevant departments in Tianjin, the Dongjiang Free Trade Port area adheres to policy innovation, functional innovation, model innovation, product innovation and service innovation while constantly improving its financial environment, judicial environment, talent exchange environment, and creating a new international maritime financial industry ecology. It has become a comprehensive platform for gathering China's maritime finance cross-border leasing business and offshore leasing business, as well as for registration, publicity of claims, trading and circulation of China's maritime financial leasing assets.

Due to so many innovations that support the development of China's maritime financial industry under the new normal, more and more leasing companies are beginning to layout high-end ships represented by cruise ships and wind power ships. By the end of April this year, Dongjiang FTP has accumulated 108 ship cross-border leasing businesses and 12 offshore platform cross-border leasing businesses, taking a leading position in China.

Favorable policy environment attracts many high-quality projects to flock.

In yesterday's summit, more than ten well-known domestic and foreign rental companies, shipping companies, manufacturers, maritime consulting firms have used the summit as a platform for signing contracts. Landing of these key projects and important strategic cooperation will further improve the investment and financing environment in Dongjiang FTP, enrich upstream and downstream industrial chains of maritime finance, optimize the ecological environment of leasing industry in Dongjiang FTP and promote the maritime finance industry in Dongjiang FTP to usher in a new round of development climax.

Take the current leading domestic company in the field of marine equipment manufacturing and technical service - CIMC Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., as an example. It has united strategic investors to establish a 10-billion-yuan Maritime Industry Investment Fund, which will effectively boost the Industrial restructuring and upgrading of our country; CIMC Raffles will set up Tianjin Kaisheng Marine Engineering Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. in Dongjiang FTP to carry out leasing business of marine equipment and delivery of the world's most advanced ultra-deep water double drilling rig semi-submersible drilling platform. The China Merchants Finance Leasing of the Investment Promotion Bureau, Singapore Island Bridge, Dongyang International, Beijing Financial Leasing and Medieval Shipping all have related marine financial projects to settle in Dongjiang FTP this time.

"in the future, with the support of B&R, ' Made in China 2025' and other national strategies, Dongjiang FTP will conduct active exploration and bold innovation to construct China's largest overseas engineering export base, to build China's Innovation Area for Maritime Finance and Offshore Finance, to continue to promote a rapid development of maritime finance industry in China," said relevant person in charge of the Dongjiang FTP.(By Wang Ning)

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