Yang Maorong met guests from CIMC Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

2017-05-19 16:16

On May 17, Yang Maorong, district deputy secretary and governor of Binhai New Area, met Hu Pengfei, General Manager of CIMC Logistics Development Co., Ltd. and his delegation. The two sides discussed on cooperation matters. The following figures participated: Shan Zaofeng, deputy district governor; Xu Datong, secretary of Working Commission of TEDA and director of Administrative Commission of TEDA; Jiang Fenggang, secretary of district government and director of the office; responsible comrades from district Commerce Commission and other relevant departments.

Yang Maorong firstly extended welcome to the guests. He said that recently Binhai New Area saw a group of distinguished friends – many well-known central enterprises and private enterprises flocked here – we were optimistic about the development advantages of Binhai New Area. Development and opening up of Binhai New Area started ten years ago, and has made brilliant achievements, especially in financial leasing, innovation and entrepreneurship, high-end equipment manufacturing, port construction and other aspects, walking in the forefront of the country. Binhai New Area has unique resource endowment, not only in airport, port, independent innovation, but it is also an important node along the Belt and Road Initiative with multiple opportunities superimposed, obvious policy advantages and huge potential for development. In the future, Binhai New Area is to achieve greater development, which still needs all far sighted great minds to invest here, and we will, as always, provide quality services. I hope the enterprise can seize opportunities brought by this new round of development and opening up, give full play to their advantages in Binhai New Area to achieve greater development results.

Hu Pengfei said that currently Binhai New Area is in a new historical period for development. Enterprises also coincide with a period for a new round of strategic adjustment and optimization. We will make full use of various advantageous resources in Binhai New Area, further release the characteristics of enterprises and increase investment in Tianjin and Binhai New Area. We wish to expand business opportunities to achieve a second round of economic taking off in Binhai New Area.(By Wang Ning)

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