Roadshows of cross-border high-tech projects land in Eco-city: American makers think high of Eco-city

2017-05-19 16:18

A portable display system which can be quickly connected to a folding 24-inch screen, the use of AR technology in an APP specifically designed for navigating walkers, social networks using big data analysis and user matching ... These are a series of Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities the reporter saw yesterday in the Sino-US Cross-border Project Exchange 2017, organized in the Massive Big Data Deep Incubator organized by the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city. In the activity, 9 high-tech projects from the United States in turn displayed their road shows with a variety of impressive innovative products.

Road show projects focus on "high-tech".

In the future, if you want to play table games, even though you are not with your friends face to face together. In the roadshows, a new generation of electronic desktop games attracted the attention of journalists. It is reported that this is a game called "Playtable", which uses advanced virtual reality technology to achieve face-to-face remote game for players. "Playtable" has a variety of games for players to choose, and it can also achieve interaction with real objects, so that the games can be more interesting.

In addition to this refreshing new generation of desktop games, the reporter also found that the selected roadshow projects also involved AR, VR, artificial intelligence, information technology and other fields, which fit in characteristics of industries in the Eco-city. For example, "CLEVR", a social network using big data analysis and user matching which focuses on virtual reality and enhanced reality – it can improve fragmentation of the market while improving users’ stickiness, to establish a sharing platform for social and content of VR world cross-platform; "Walc", an APP specially designed walking navigation by using AR technology for pedestrians, can be closer to pedestrians’ using habits, so that pedestrians are able to look for roadside businesses and shops; a technology using big data, computer vision, 3D modeling and emotional research to analyze the face-head movement and expression, is based on "Senso Labs", which is used to quantify the market research of film trailers – through this technology, media and entertainment companies are able to understand real feelings of the audience; "Tinysponsor", an open advertising market platform connecting brands and advertisers with entrepreneurs, internetwork of red stars, activities, venues and other resources, is the only service platform to provide a variety of entrepreneurs and enterprises with cooperative relationships relying on proposals, real-time and easy query and a large number of network reserves of stars.

Obvious and urgent intention for project cooperation

"Today there are many sophisticated roadshow projects, and we have a lot of room for cooperation in the development," Liu Jiyang, general manager of Massive Big Data Deep Incubator, told reporters.

Reporters found that during the roadshows, on-site innovation carriers and investors expressed strong interests in the road show projects. After communicating and docking with the road project teams in the Eco-city, all project teams also have expressed their willingness to cooperate.

"If foreign companies want to enter the Chinese market, they need an opportunity, as well as a platform, so the project roadshow is a good opportunity to participate while Tianjin Eco-city is also a very good platform." Michael Prasad, leader of “Tinysponsor" project, a participator in the road show, said in an interview that it was his first time to the Eco-city and he was shocked. He holds that building such a livable city in such a short period of time is worthy attention of all people in the world. Michael Prasad told reporters that the Eco-city has extremely favorable advantageous in the content production and cultural field, so it can form an organic interaction platform with "Tinysponsor". At the same time, the environment in the Eco-city is excellent, and with its excellent infrastructure and great policy support, it is very suitable for their projects to settle and to expand to the entire Chinese market.

The Eco-city is ushering in an increasing number of international projects.

The roadshow project is only a tip of the iceberg among the national innovation and entrepreneurship projects to be cooperated or accepted in the Tianjin Eco-city. In the future, it will have more innovative business projects with international background to the Eco-city.

"I have come to survey the Eco-city before. There are a lot of talents and industry also has an effect of aggregation, so it can provide a lot of supports for our projects with a lot of cooperation possibilities." Han Li, general manager of Beijing Los Angeles Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, partner of the roadshow cross-border project, told reporters that the Eco-city has a lot of resources for their cross-border projects and innovative carriers, which can help projects to take root here.

"The roadshow project is in line with the industrial development orientation of the Eco-city. Bing able to establish cooperation with these projects will also play a great role in the development of industries in the Eco-city," said the relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau in the Eco-cit. In the future, the Eco-city will also wish to introduce more incubators or innovative enterprises with international backgrounds, and through continuous cooperation it would like to promote and further explore the regional entrepreneurial teams’ international perspective, and to further foster an international entrepreneurial atmosphere in the Eco-city.(By Wang Ning)

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