The Opening of Tanggu Museum of Memory

2017-05-22 18:02

Tanggu Museum of Memory formally opened in Oriental Art Plaza of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (SSTEC) this May 18th when it was this International Day and the symbolic museum is the first folk-custom galley of "Tianjin Taste" in SSTEC. In the opening ceremony, the museum held a Tianjin folk culture seminar in the theme of "Small Lives of the Masses Composing the Grand Tianjin of Centuries" with invited experts in folklore from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

More than 2000 pieces of collections represented "the Old Tianjin".

As the reporter knew, Tanggu Museum of Memory was built with its original intention of "searching the living trace of the older generations and guarding the old memories of Tanggu" and would provide civilians with a good place to review the daily life in old Tianjian and to sense the traditional folk-custom. On the opening show, some well-selected collections were sorted in 8 themes---"Livelihood First", "Stories in the Concessions", "Concentration of Local Folklore", "Iron Shoulders Carrying the Fate of the Nation", "the Bitter Life of the Actors", "Education and Talents", "Worriless Youth" and "Memories of Tianjin and Tanggu". According to statistics, there are more than 2000 pieces of collections in the museum and visitors can find Tianjin historic exhibits collected from Tianjin General Automobile Repair Works, Da Hutong, Nankai School and old bicycles made in Tianjin; they can recall their childhood in various toys and they can also sense the change of ordinary life in Tianjin after the establishment of new China in watching the regressed sites of the city.

There will be temporary exhibitions as "derivatives".

Mr. Qi Huimin, the dean of the museum, further introduced that it had been planned to extend their thematic exhibitions integrating the characteristics of the museum including those of calligraphy, paintings, paper-cuts and clay sculptures in different festivals and memorial days.

For the better effects of interactivity and sense of participation, the museum has proposed its idea of "worth seeing, joyful gaming and souvenir presenting" and they will invite specialists to give public and experiencing classes in the museum so that the visitors can fully be engaged and enjoy the charm of unique folklore. In attracting more young people close to the traditional culture, Tanggu Museum of Memory will invite the design masters who have ever designed derivatives for the Palace Museum to scheme the cultural byproducts with the collections of the museum and in the local style of Tianjin garrison area.(By Wang Ning)

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