Supporting facilities accelerate "upgrading" to facilitate work and life

2017-06-26 10:56

A beautiful scenery featuring "two lakes on both sides of the road", hospital, schools and continuous improvement of the transport network ... Since the 18th CPC National Congress, with the speed of economic construction accelerated, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone accelerates the deployment of social undertakings, and now, this livable ecological vibrant new city attracts more and more people to settle down. At present, the new Lufthansa Outlets, the European Trade Center, SM Binhai City Square are the main carriers to form a one-million-yuan shopping district. High-level schools, hospitals, blue-collar apartments, white-collar apartments, cultural centers and sports centers are all put into operation to provide a strong supporting support for the regional development. This year, the Airport Economic Zone will also vigorously promote the construction of the airport hospital and medical center to accelerate the construction progress of the national elderly care service project while developing international medical projects; it will start the construction of the cultural center of information technology; it will adhere to high standards to complete two "beautiful communities" and to create and build community convenience service centers; it will allocate multi-dimensional educational resources, construct the Airport Experimental Primary School, complete the short-term relocation of the Airport Junior High School and start the pre-research project of the Fourth kindergarten; it will explore social capital to set up education projects, open two high-end private kindergartens, introduce high quality international educational resources and build an international school.(By Wang Ning)

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