Independent Declaration of Business Name Will Be Implemented This Month

2017-07-04 10:17

Since July 1, the Market Supervision Committee implemented the management reform of independent declaration and registration of business name. After the introduction of the new system, the enterprise which does not require pre-approval by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce can apply for registration of business name through business name online declaration system on the website of Market Supervision Committee and the business name is not required for pre-approval. The enterprise can directly apply for registration of establishment or name change and registration through the system, achieving the combination management of name registration and establishment registration, and greatly saving the access time.

The entire process of the independent declaration of business name can be completed on-line, the applicant does not need to apply for the name to the registration window, and does not need to submit paper application materials, the operator only needs to search “business name self-declaration” through the search engine in any computer, mobile phone or tablet, or login the business name declaration system at zzsb.tjmqa.gov.cn for name declaration. The business name approval staff will be liberated from the heavy work, and the intelligent system can complete the first review, which is both standardized and normalized.(By Wang Ning)

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