Shenhua Group: To create a "myth" for the essence of safety

2017-07-17 10:59

The coal industry is recognized as a highly risky industry, and Shenhua Group, which is mainly committed to coal as a main industry segment, has major safety production indicators running in the forefront of the world. Recently, a joint study group by the District Publicity Department inBinhai New Area, Binhai Times, Binhai TV and District Security Department, went to Shenhua Group headquarters in Beijing, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group, Shenhua Group Dagang Power Plant, ShenhuaGuohuaSanhe Power Plant, Shenhua Tianjin Coal Terminal and other places, to quest the essence of security construction experience from Shenhua Group, and to provide referencefor the construction of security system in Binhai New Area.

Shenhua's experience tells us that security comes from risk pre-control. Only by taking the initiative to prevent the risks, can the security undergo fundamental changes in production; onlybyprioritizing safety protection of the export and controllingsecurity risks in advance, can the passive production safety be fundamentally reversed; only by promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading, canthe enterprise security capabilities be greatly improved; only by focusing on creating a high-level security management concept and modern production skills of the workforce, caneach main bodybe stimulated to do a good job of safety and production with a strong spiritual strength.(By Wang Ning)

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