TBNA to take the lead in all-procedure online registration for enterprises

2017-07-17 11:00

On July 13, the reporter learned from the Market Supervision Committee that following the enterprise name declaration and reform initiatives including a simplified cancellation of corporate and other registration system were implemented in Beijing, TianjinMarket and Quality Supervision and Management Committee continues to work on the optimization of business environment.According to therequirementsin the Opinions on Implementation of All-procedureE-registration of Business issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Binhai New Area takes the initiative in online registration pilot workwithin the whole district.

It is reported that after a lot of testing and preparation work, the online registration service platform done by the Market Supervision Bureau in Binhai New Area has been officially launched in the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, and follow-ups will be gradually expanded to the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA). The pilot covers a scope of establishment and changes of the registration businessfor the limited companies and branches, partnership companies and individual industrial and commercial households– these can all be handled through the platform. Up to now, through the platform Binhai New Area has done a variety of3913 business registrations while its 12 audit hallsand 9 grassroots branch offices have all been equipped with on-line conditions, and they are to open in July.

Reporters learned that the platform relies on the big data technology, and its overall business usesa process of "online application, online review, on-site materials submission, on-site verification". At the same time, the platform uses a "zero meeting" audit mode, i.e., feedback of material changes is sent through the platform online, and the audit results will be sent back to the applicant in real time by SMS, to avoid wastes of efforts for applicants due to missing documents, messy writing and other issues.After the online audit, the applicant will print the application materials automatically generated by the platform, and after signing, together with the relevant materials, the applicant need to submit them to the window, and thus "one-time visit"registration can be achieved.(By Wang Ning)

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