Four factors fuel the new energy EV market

2017-07-17 11:03

The latest data from the Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau show that in the first half of this year, 7973new energy vehicles were importedthrough Tianjin Port, 88.5% up. The reporter noted that not only imported high-end models, but the overall new energy automotive market is also very popular. In the first half of this year, China's sales of pure electric vehiclesamounted to 160,000 cars, 26.2% up year-on-year. The reporter learned that the four factors prompted consumers to prefer new energy vehicles than ever before.

Factor 1

Incremental indicator winner rate is low and bidding price is high forsmall passenger cars.

The reporter noted that in Tianjin, from June on, it is to increase the number of small passenger plates with an average lot rate of 0.43%, and an average auction price of 35561 yuan each.

A sales manager from a 4S shop in the Fourth Street, TEDA, told the reporter that this year low drawing of small private cars in Tianjin hit a new low this year and the auction price was generally high, which made some consumers turn to the new energy vehicles. On the other hand, the individual energy-saving cars has a successful drawing rate of basically less than 20%, which also motivate people to turn to new energy vehicles.

Factor 2

Charging pilesare increasing to enhance the owners’confidence.

Tianjin Binhai Internet Industrial Park, as the first contracted one of the 20 Internet industry projects, Cao CaoCar officially stationed in Tianjin this year. Chen Jia,general manager of Tianjin Branch of Cao Cao Car, said that take the company's inspection results as an example, the current number of Tianjin's charging pile is more than 1,300, rakingthe firstin all the cities surveyed. Among them, charging piles inBinhai New Area occupy the vast majority.

The relevant person in chargeof Star Charge said that the company began to layout Tianjin market this year, and Tianjin will build 2000 fast charging piles and 2000 slow charging piles. Next year it will build 20 large charging stations in the four districts around Tianjin, which can use ultra-high pressure fast charging, and achieve 8-minute battery life of 300 km. The public can also have very convenient access to use them –through the Stars Charging APP people can quickly find all the nearby charging piles and check the details and state of the charge pile groups.

According to the New Energy Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Plan in Tianjin (2016-2020), it is expected that by 2020,an infrastructural network system with an average service radius of 0.9 kmis to be built in the urban area, the four outer districts and Binhai New Area.

Factor 3

Time-sharing car rental services heat the new energy auto market.

The reporters learned that the reason why some consumers did not want to choose new energy vehicles hada lot to do with the fact that they never experienced it. Time-sharing rental car service spreads in Tianjin, and it also, to a certain extent, enables people to fully experience the driving habits of new energy vehicles. Mr. Wang, who lives in Nankai District, gets off work from Yunjiapu High-speed Railway Station every day and choosesa very "green" road to go back home. "I ridea bike from Yujiapu to the light rail station, and then take the light rail to the ZhongshanmenStation, and then Iuse the car rental service to drive an EV back home," said Mr. Wang.Since he needs to buy a car, and after he experiencestime-sharing car rental of electric vehicles, he feels that these EVs are also very good so in June he bought a new energy vehicle.

The reporter noted that currentlyTianjin's car-sharing services prioritize the new energy vehicles, in addition to Baojia Travel, the new energy sub-car rental brand Gofunfrom the ShouqiGroup put 600 electric vehicles in Tianjin; Cao CaoCar is operating more than 600 EVs in Tianjin now, and it is expected to reach2000 vehicles by the end of this year. Tianjin travel which recently settles in Binhai New Area, also plans to put 5,000 pure electric vehicles in Tianjin, for the network car hailing and time-sharing car leasing.

Factor 4

Subsidy policy might be canceled so it causes consumption in advance.

In fact, at the China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum2016 held last year, a signal of gradual "retreat" of related subsidy policy for the new energy vehicles in the future has been sent, and this signal is also transmitted to the terminal market.

"By 2020, China's subsidies for the new energy automotive industry will gradually become other normal incentive policies. This comes from a lot of open voice, so more and more consumers choose to spend money on buying EVs in advance, to seize the current subsidies strength," saidpeople from a 4S shop in the Airport Economic Zone. The subsidies may be canceled next year so in the second half of this year, a phenomenon of consumption of new energy vehicles will appear in advance. In the context of the gradual increase of consumers’ acceptance, it is more certain that consumption of pure electric passenger carswill grow.(By Wang Ning)

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