Three major industries in Binhai CBD usher in policy dividends

2017-08-01 11:12

On July 29, BinhaiCBD issued a series of policy initiatives, newly researched and studies, in its semi-annual working conference to further highlight its core industries, with a focus on strategic cores, while improving the industrial policy system, creatingthe business environment and optimizing the economic development environment. The BinhaiCBD issuedthree special policies, saythe22Policy Measures in BinhaiCBD to Promote Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development, 20 Policy Measures in BinhaiCBD to Promote the Development of Film and Television Industryand 20 Policy Measures in BinhaiCBD to PromoteBusiness Development.

Support to three industries is reinforced.

In terms of the content, the set of policies is to continue to reinforce business supports, to optimize the industrial structure, to prioritize core industries, to focus on new economic growth points, to deepen the industry segmentation, to enhance the targeted, standardize policy implementation procedures, to strengthen the policy, to improve the efficiency of policy implementation, to play a good role in realizing government resources and to play a greater role in gathering and upgrading the industries.

The 22Policy Measures in BinhaiCBD to Promote Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development bases on the original policies for Entrepreneurship and innovationas the basis and add focusessuch as the scientific and technological innovation carrier platform, scientific and technological innovation enterprises, scientific and technological achievements, upgradedmakerspaces and other aspects of supports for the country's major scientific and technological innovation and industrialization projects, and the financial support can be up to 10 million yuan, intending to accelerate the gathering of all kinds of scientific and technological innovation resources, and to improve the level of innovation and technology; for film and television cultural enterprises and personnel, it is to provide 20 specific support initiatives, especially special support policies for cultural leaders and core creative talents, covering reinforcement of financial support, the establishment of special funds and the establishment of a guiding fund, etc., to further cultivate and expand the t film and television culture industryin the Binhai CBD; the business policies are to further expand the scope of support to the hotel, specialty catering, education & entertainment, cultural and creative industry, premium brands and 7 key businesses while further optimizing the regional business environment.

Paid-in financial support of over 600 million yuan to leading enterprises

It is learned that since 2015, the Binhai CBD has developed and promulgated a series of policy measures, including the promotion of industrial development, such as theInterim Measures in Binhai CBD to Promote the Development of Modern Service Industry, 10 Policies for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Management Approach for College Students Practice Bases,Work Program inBinahi CBD for Entrepreneurship and InnovationDemonstration Base andMakerspace Rating Programand other series of policy measures.In terms of talent introduction, it issuedtheManagement Approachin Binhai CBD forTalent Rent Subsidy,Senior PersonnelReward Standards and Implementation Details (Interim) in BinhaiCBD,Talent Apartment Interim Measures inBinhaiCBD,Implementation Details for Household RegistrationPolicy in the Entrepreneurial and InnovationDemonstration Base in Binhai CBD, etc., which haveplayed a positive role in promoting and escorting for the development ofBinhai CBD. Since 2016, for the leading enterprises, the Binhai CBD is to meet all kinds of financial support funds and project expenditureswith more than 600 million yuan, covering more than 3,000 enterprises in the zone, among which talent apartments, talent incentives, rent subsidies, interns subsidy funds amount to more than 100 million yuan; makerspace, entrepreneurial and innovative red envelopes, purchase business services and other special expenses more than 60 million yuan.

The cumulative new market players amount to 10328.

Since the beginning of 2016, the Binhai CBD has accumulated 10328 new market entities, which is 1.4 times of that of the 12th  Five-year Plan while four major industrial clusters, say innovative finance, trade and cross-border e-commerce, science and technology Internet, pan culture and entertainment, are initially formed; The cumulative introduction of senior personnel amounts to 500 people, and the new employment of nearly 20,000 people; among the region's new registered enterprises, entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises accountfor 64%, a total of 17 enterprises settled in the makerspace, of which 12 were put into operation, with a total settled enterprises of 750, whose total revenue is more than 700 million yuan, resulting in a number of typical cases of innovation and entrepreneurship.(By Wang Ning)

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