GDP of Binhai CBD grew by 14% in the first half of this year

2017-08-03 09:31

Reporters recently learned from the Binhai CBD Half-year Briefing that in the first half of this year, it adhered to expanding the incremental and adjusted the stock simultaneously, with a focus on the introduction of high-end projects while increasing the cultivation of enterprises, to fully implement various policy measures required by the Municipality and Binhai New Area to support corporate development. It has implemented a “10000, carders serving 10,000 enterprises” campaign, promoted fast and well regional economic development with all major economic indicators achieving steady and rapid growth, which laid a solid foundation for the completion of the annual goals. It is learned that the first half of this year, GDP growth of Binhai CBD is 14%, ranking the city's forefront, 7.1 percentage points higher than that of Tianjin's and 6.4 percentage points higher than that of Binhai New Area. Its total fiscal revenue is nearly 7 billion yuan, more than doubled over the same period last year, of which the general public budget revenue calculated by comparable caliber, increase by 32.6%. Its total investment in fixed assets reaches 15.33 billion yuan, ranking the first in the completion progress in Binhai New Area.

Its investment promotion maintains a strong momentum. In the first half of the year, the Binhai CBD has a total of 3964 new market participants, 1.4 times higher than that of the same period last year, with a total registered capital of nearly 120 billion yuan. China Shipbuilding, CRCC, Sinochem and other central enterprises, coupled with well-known private enterprises such as China Oceanwide, HNA Group, Baoneng Group, Baidu, Ali and so on, have set up more than 50 enterprises and institutions in Binhai CBD. Financial sector added Haihe Industrial Fund, Tianjin State-owned Capital Investment Operation Company, Shandong High-speed Equity Funds and a number of registered capitals of over 10 billion large projects and Tianjin Guotai Financial Leasing, Minxin Commercial Factoring, CITIC Sea Financial Leasing and other high-quality enterprises. In terms of international trade and cross-border e-commerce, China Steel Xinyuan International Trade, Chuanhua Lgistics, Wukong E-commerce and a number of high-quality enterprises settled. In the plate of tech Internet, Yongan Ride, E-daijia, Jingshi.com and a number of sub-sectors are added. In the pan culture and entertainment plate, Xueda.com, Haimo Culture and Media, Zhongke Hele Culture and other high-end projects settled. The batch settlement of these enterprises has injected a new impetus for the Binhai CBD to speed up the construction of a high-end industrial system, and to promote sustained and rapid economic growth.

Construction of a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Enterprise Headquarters has initial results. It actively undertakes non-capital function transfer and ease from Beijing while targeting at the central enterprises in Beijing, well-known private enterprises and multinational companies, to mainly introduce headquarters projects and various types of high-quality enterprises. In the first half of this year, the newly introduced enterprises from Beijing include two secondary headquarters of the Beijing-based central enterprises say China Shipbuilding Capital Holdings and Tongfu Capital Holdings, as well as four headquarters-based institutions say the cross-border E-commerce of Beijing Grain Group, Canwell Entertainment, Tujia.com and Xiyun International. More than 200 high-quality enterprises from Beijing settled. Up to now, the Binhai CBD has 57 various corporate headquarters, of which 28 are from Beijing.

Enterprises accelerate growth and development. In the first half of this year, the enterprises in Binhai CBD have achieved a total tax of 3.302 billion yuan, 52% up year-on-year. Among them, enterprises with tax contribution of over ten million yuan amount to 33. In the first half of this year, newly added science and technology SMEs amount to 604, more completion the annual objectives and tasks.

With the emergence of a number of leading enterprises and high-end projects, the new economy featuring innovation, sharing and "Internet+" as characteristics flourishes in the Binhai CBD, which have become the driving forces for sustainable and rapid economic growth. In the first half of this year, innovative financial format in the Binhai CBD such as funds, leasing, factoring and so on, coupled with international trade and cross-border e-commerce, science and technology Internet, pan-cultural and entertainment industry, increased by 35% year-on-year, and the total amount accounts for more than 50% in the regional GDP; the total tax contribution increased by 84.7%, and the total accounts for 63.4% of regional taxes. Innovative finance, cross-border e-commerce, science and technology Internet, pan-cultural and entertainment are four new economic plates going hand in hand and synchronizing to improve the development trend of the cluster, breaking the "one dominance" situation in the financial industry in the past.(By Wang Ning)

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