Dongjiang Bonded Port Area + Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city + Binhai CBD = 3 yacht zones gradually formed

2017-08-11 11:27

On August 9, the reporters learned from the press conference by relevant departments in Tianjin that with the continuous development of Tianjin's economy and social undertakings, as well as the construction of Tianjin into the Northern International Shipping Center and other policies as double positive incentives, yacht industry in Tianjin ushered in a good opportunity for development. Tianjin Also steps up the layout of the yacht industry so many important aspects of the yacht industry have started in Tianjin.

It is learned that more than 280 enterprises in Tianjin have engaged in the yacht industry, involving many important aspects in the yacht industry, including yacht construction, yacht sales, yacht clubs, yacht import and export, etc.. In Tianjin, the construction of the yacht terminals has achieved initial success, and has completed a number of terminal berths while a number of large yacht terminal construction projects are about to be completed; the yacht club industry take initial shape, and Tianjin now has more than 30 companies engaged in yacht club business. With the market development, yacht clubs will be more and more mature.

Sun Jin, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Binhai Central Business District, told the reporters that Binhai New Area is the main body of the development of the yacht industry in Tianjin, and it has gradually formed three different yacht zones with characteristics, and a benign interaction pattern with dislocation development: Dongjiang Bonded Port Area prioritizes yacht leisure travel services, bonded trade display, etc.; Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city focuses on the development of yacht leisure travel services, yacht maintenance, manufacturing, research and development, etc.; Binhai CBD relies on Haihe characteristics to create a beautiful Haihe tourism tour while vigorously promoting the development of the yacht industry. The specific measures include actively promoting the development and implementation of the tourism industry development plan, promoting the introduction of the policy of supporting the yacht industry and promoting facilities related to the development of tourism industry.(By Wang Ning)

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