Sharing "new dividends" with the Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone

2017-08-11 11:36

Not long ago, in Dongjiang Port Area of the Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone, the High-end Equipment Remanufacturing Center by the China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (CREG) is to be built. In the future, this project will make full use of policy advantages in the Pilot Tianjin FTZ to carry out bonded maintenance of shielded equipment, remanufacturing and assembly business, and thus it can solve long-term problems of China's overseas export enterprises with difficulty in sending high-end equipment back to China for repair and maintenance.

"At present, Chinese enterprises fasten the pace to 'go abroad', with increased investment in the 'Belt and Road' Initiative, among which many projects aim to help with local infrastructural construction. In the actual operation, many enterprise export equipment to foreign countries for operations, however, when equipment failures occur, the local branches are not able to repair. Since they have been exported to foreign countries, they cannot return to China for domestic maintenance. The establishment of the Remanufacturing Center in Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, is a case of using functions in the Pilot FTZ for maintenance and remanufacturing of exported high-end equipment," a relevant person in charge of the CREG told the reporter.

In the newly completed Bombardier Business Jet Repair Center in the Airport Economic Zone of the Pilot Tianjin FTZ, technicians are conducting an overhaul for a Bombardier Universal 6000 business jet. "With the policy support in Pilot Tianjin FTZ, we are able to provide business jet maintenance, repair, overhaul and warehousing of commercial aircraft spare parts and other service support in the Pilot FTZ for domestic and foreign customers, especially the bonded maintenance can be more convenient and time-saving to greatly reduce the waiting time of the aircraft," said Shi Leye, general manager of Bombardier Business Jet Tianjin Service Center, to the reporter.

This is only a case of pilot trials in the Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone. Since its establishment in 2015, Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone adheres to the institutional innovation as a core and replicable and promotable practice as the basic requirements, to promote investment and trade facilitation reform. In the economic New Normal, it is to actively participate in all-round international competition with new open strategy, to bring enterprises in the zone many new opportunities for development, so that the capital, technology and other elements both at home and abroad, can quickly gather here.

"Since the Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone was listed, with implementation of the 'batch access and collective declaration' and other customs innovation and regulatory initiatives, nowadays the air turnover of goods clearance has been shortened from the past 1 to 2 days to 2 hours, so corporate aviation maintenance business increase significantly, The innovation of the trade facilitation regulatory system in the Pilot FTZ has enabled the enterprises to enjoy the dividends of reform and opening up," said the relevant responsible person from the Geographic Structure Service (China) Co., Ltd. in the Airport Economic Zone; Wang Yong, Executive Vice President of Tianjin Shisheng Business Group, holds that the Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone gives the parallel import car dealers a legal status, which is a huge breakthrough in reform and opening up. In the future it will have more parallel import vehicles arriving in Tianjin Port.

Recently, the Administrative Committee of Binhai CBD compiled and issued a Work Plan for Bold, Responsible and Innovative Competition in 150 Days in Binhai Central Business District, which calls all party members and cadres in the Binhai CBD to "cohesively march forward with highlighted keys and jointly trudge over hardships in a fight for 150 days," to ensure that the focus of the year will achieve a breakthrough in the work progress and to promote the regional works to a new level.

Three coordination

Three layouts: production, life and ecological system

Three structures: space, scale and industry

Three links: planning, construction and management

Seven tough fights

Improving the level of planning

Project construction progress

Optimizing investment promotion

Deepening reform and innovation

Strengthening urban management

Maintaining safety and stability

Comprehensively and strictly rule the party

Coordination guarantees triumph of the "seven battles".

The Plan co-ordinates layout of production, life and ecological system in Binhai CBD, as well as three structures say space, size and industry and three links say planning, construction and management, so as to guarantee enhancement of the level of planning in 2017 and project construction progress, to optimize investment, to deepen the reform and innovation, to strengthen the urban management, to maintain security and stability, and to comprehensively and strictly rule the party in the "seven tough fights". It is to complete 133 high quality tasks with coordination, joint efforts and strong initiatives.

Combatting a battle to "raise the level of planning". It actively docks with world-class planning and design agencies and their high-end talent resources, to achieve breakthrough and update of key regional planning concepts, and to initially establish a planning work mechanism with high standard.

Combatting the battle of "project construction progress". Adhering to the world vision, international standards, high positioning, Binhai CBD is to enhance the urban quality and the overall value of the urban area, to reinforce the concepts of "One-hundred-year Project" "Quality Project", to comprehensively enhance the construction quality of key buildings and urban facilities, to strengthen the organization, to accelerate the progress of key projects, to carry forward the spirit of "biting hard bones" to break plugging points in the land purchasing and storage work and to ensure acceptance of projects.

Combatting the battle of "optimization of investment". In-depth study can improve the investment plan, establish a high standard, focus on the main format, open a broad vision, create a strong momentum of investment, and strive to achieve "heavyweight" harvest within the year.

Combatting the battle of "deepening reform and innovation". Binhai CBD is to open the "Tianjin" brand on its forehead to construct the CBD into a highland of reform and innovation. It is to speed up the transformation of governmental functions, accelerate the pace of financial reform and innovation, promote trade transformation and upgrading, implement the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and build the Pilot FTZ with full strength; it is to continue to deepen the "10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises" campaign and to improve the business environment; it strives to promote transformation and upgrading of the Demonstration Base for "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" to a Community for "Entrepreneurship and Innovation"; it is to further deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises.

Combatting the battle of "strengthening the urban management" battle. Binhai CBD is to use central environmental protection inspectors and Tianjin environmental protection promotion and rectification of obvious problems as well as implementation of creating a hygienic Binhai New Area as a turning point for the work while paying close attention to rectification and implementation, strengthening the comprehensive improvement of regional environment, exploring the intelligent urban construction, gridding management and other advanced urban management models, to promote urban management of Binhai CBD towards a scientific, modern and international level and to ensure its healthy and orderly urban development.

Combatting the battle of "maintaining security and stability". Binhai CBD will continue to improve the financial security risk prevention and control ability, and earnestly strengthen the safety management for construction projects, do a good job in reception work for letters and visits, and comprehensively understand the situation of urban security, build a concrete district security and stability guarding line, so as to weave an all-round and three-dimensional public safety net for the enterprises in Binhai CBD to develop peacefully and stably, and thus the mass can live and work in peace and the society can maintain stability and order.

Combatting the battle of "comprehensively and strictly ruling the party". Binhai CBD is to vigorously promote the "theory and practice of party building" to study the normalization of party education, to carry out "maintaining the core, casting loyalty, serving with guts and grasping the actual branch" as themed education practices, and to guarantee the overall improvement of grassroots party organizations in Binhai CBD.

Combatting the battle of strengthening supervision and inspection

The Plan is to strengthen the organization and leadership of the "working hard for 150 days" campaign and seven tough battles by seven leading groups, which are responsible for the overall coordination. Through the working conference system and the joint meeting system, it is determined to combat the "battle" as a supportive role. At the same time, it strengthens supervision and inspection, establishes and improves the reward and punishment mechanism, to include the task completion of tough battle into the year-end assessment, to establish the liaison system and monthly system to ensure that all tasks are completed and task codes are canceled.(By Wang Ning)

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