Bonded Zone Customs actively serves the airport zone of the Pilot FTZ: sea-air-port integration improves customs clearance efficiency

2017-08-11 11:38

Reporters recently learned from the Administrative Committee of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone that since the Customs and Excise Department Customs settled in the business economic and trade service hall in the airport zone of the Pilot Tianjin Free Trade Zone in April 2015, it has dealt with a total of 1246 declaration registrations, 1306 business information changes, 93 business cancelation, 90 on-site verification of enterprises registered information and 42 warnings to companies which failed to change the enterprise registration within the specified time.

It is learned that the Customs and Excise Department of the Bonded Zone will relate business registration matters with "sea-air-port" integration so enterprises in the zone can choose departments for their own business registration matters and the processing time limit is reduced from 7 working days to 3 working days. It will also strengthen the governance transparency, improve the content of corporate registration publicity and expose registration and other business needs, content, time limits on the Internet to facilitate real-time query and download.

In addition, the Customs and Excise Department of the Bonded Zone adopts measures to facilitate enterprises to apply for annual business report. Through the on-site announcement and telephone reminder, etc., it is to urge enterprises to declare and to avoid the rush season in end of June; it increases the window manpower, collaborates electronic ports, opens online and on-site reporting channels for companies, addresses real-time solutions to the doubts in annual reports; uses "Internet +" means and the WeChat platform to issue FAQs by the General Administration of Customs and other port annual reports, provides annual blank model forms on-site and online at the same time for enterprises. Since June this year, the customs window has accepted 37 enterprise registrations, 46 information changes, 164 annual business reports and has carried out 10 business inspections, contacted more than 20 functional departments to solve the relevant issues, and finished more than 60 times of on-site and telephone consultation, so that it can keep 0 business complaints.(By Wang Ning)

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