Promotion of investing for household citizen participation in social security in Tianjin held

2017-08-16 13:57

On August 14, Tianjin Municipal People's Social Security Bureau held a promotion for national household registration of social security, to deploy works in the objects of survey, the contents of the investigation, time limit for completion and promoting participation in payment of social insurance and so on. During this year, Tianjin will complete the social insurance registration work.

It is learned that since Tianjin started the National People's Insurance Program in 2016, it has introduced a series of policy documents to further promote various types of employment and flexible employment insurance, as well as to achieve resource information exchange with government departments so it has set up a basic social insurance database. By the end of May this year, it will extend the flexible employment insurance payment to Labor and Social Security Service Centers of 238 streets and towns in Tianjin, so that the people can pay for social security in a more convenient and quick way.

The implementation of the household registration work for social insurance, Tianjin complies with requirements in the national and the municipal implementation of the National People's Insurance Program, to change the registration management model from unit-based to community-based and individual-base. The investigation of the household registration is based on laws and regulations, with the social insurance coverage as the goal, by means of information comparison, household survey, dynamic management and other measures, to participate in various types of verification and registration of social insurance personnel.

The objects of investigation of household registration of social insurance carried out this time: the household who has not participated in the social insurance system, those who holds the "residence permit" from other provinces and municipalities but does not participate in social insurance system and those who used to participate in municipal household registration of social insurance but now has interrupted payment. At that time, the Municipal Social Security Bureau will organize labor and social security service centers and community (administrative village) labor security coordinators in districts, streets and towns, who wear " registration card in the all-people registration program", to deliver home services. It will use the mobile APP or fill in "Tianjin Social Insurance National Registration List" to collect and verify information, publicize policies, to understand the employment and non-insured situation, and to do on-site registration.

The promotion of the convening in Tianjin will accelerate the pace of implementation of the National Insurance Participation Program. During the year, Tianjin will complete the work of social insurance registration. The registration of the people insured is the basic work of the all-people insurance program, to achieve a precise management of insured resources, to constantly expand the scope of social insurance coverage, and to play a positive promoting role.(By Wang Ning)

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