Jingang Expressway (West Outer Ring – Harbor Economic Zone) completed: "one cross" added in road network in Binhai New Area

2017-08-24 11:29

On August 22, the reporter learned from the Binhai Construction Group that the project of Jingang Expressway (West Outer Ring–Harbor Economic Zone) was completed recently.

It is learned that the project of Jingang Expressway (West Outer Ring–Harbor Economic Zone) is an important part of the high-speed loop in Binhai New Area, and a fast track for the Harbor Economic Zone, Binhai New Area south area. The project is based on the construction of the West Outer Ring Expressway in Binhai New Area, and goes from the west outer ring to the east, passing the textile line of the Central Avenue, which is under construction, and crossing the Binhai high-speed intersection and then entering the Harbor Economic Zone. It stops at a point where 1.8 km from the east of Haibin Expressway, connecting the planned main roads in the Harbor Economic Zone, with a route length of 11.27 km. The whole line sets up 2 interchanges, 2 splits and 21 culverts. The road has a highway standard of two ways and six lanes, with a designed driving speed of 100 km / h. After completion, it will accelerate the development of Binhai New Area, link communication between the Harbor Economic Zone and its hinterland in North China and play an important role in promoting economic development in the Bohai Sea region.(By Wang Ning)

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