Trial operation of Binhai Library

2017-08-29 17:32

On August 26, nearly 40 cultural volunteers came to the New Binhai Library in Binhai New Area. As the first batch of readers, they experienced the services during trial operation of the new library, and made comments and suggestions. Readers visited the atrium and the reading area, experienced reading in the ladder-shape bookstore, self-help permits, self-help book lending, borrowing of children's books, parent-child reading, exhibitions, newspapers, electronic reading and other projects.

"The library gives the impression that is beyond imagination. As one of the first batch of readers to enter the museum to experience, I am too lucky!" "The concept of ‘Book Mountain’ reminds me the years of study when reading in such a library, my heart is for the pursuit of true knowledge and the desire to explore the world should be more determined," said readers. They expressed the feelings of the Binhai Library, and suggested that differentiated reading system should be implemented as soon as possible. According to the classification of borrowing, sharing, and recommending, to identify the benefits readers can enjoy. Some readers also hope that the Binhai Library should improve the level of reading and sharing, and often invite experts and scholars to come to hold lectures.

It is learned that the Binhai New Area Library was opened for the cultural volunteers to experience since August 26, specifically from 2: 00-4: 00 pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, as well as 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Saturday. After the conditions are ready and the scope of experience is expanded, it will be timely opened to the public and social groups. Readers can focus on "Cultural Accompanying" platform to learn about the appointment and the information on official opening.(By Wang Ning)

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