China Tourism Fair 2017: Tourist routes featuring Binhai New Area become popular

2017-09-05 18:13

On September 2, by the China Tourism Fair National 2017, organized by the National Tourism Administration and Tianjin Municipal People's Government, was opened. Nearly a thousand institutions and enterprises exhibitors from a total of 25 provinces and autonomous regions, as well as nearly 20 countries and regions attended the Fair. Tourism Department in Binhai New Area brought 7 scenic exhibitions say TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Fantawild World, Dagu Fort, Haichang Polar Ocean World, Yingda Leather, Dagang Olympic Museum and Binhai Cultural Center, attracting travel agencies and consumers. At the same time, the key projects to be built in Binhai New Area in the next few years are also full of expectations.

Featured routes lead to docking and cooperation.

"Binhai New Area’s a number of tourism projects with Beijing-Tianjin unique characteristics have particularly caught our attention. 17 tourist routes debuted at the Travel Fair involve the red army tours, Binhai tours, industrial tours and many other tourism areas, bringing tourists with a variety of choices. In the future, we will future dock with tourism sector, scenic spots and travel agencies in Binhai New Area for cooperation, so that more tourists from Hebei Province can be attracted to play in Binhai New Area," said Zhang Jing, a responsible person from Hebei Travel Agency to the reporter.

It is learned that during the Fair, Binhai New Area launched a new patriotic education red tour, clear water and golden harbor tour, airport industrial experience tour, TEDA industrial experience tour, etc. – a total of 14 one-day tour routes and 3 two-day romantic Binhai travel routes, attracting the attention of all parties of tourism enterprises, especially tourism agencies in Beijing, Hebei and Shandong, who hope to strengthen cooperation with Binhai New Area in the future.

At the same time, the current Tourism Fair also launched the scenic spots and other multiple concessions about Binhai New Area, attracting the attention of many people while the scenic spots have also put forward measures to attract new tourists. For example, TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park launched an unprecedented 110-yuan preferential tickets, which are popular among the public and the public can one ticket with his/her ID card. "I have long wanted to go to the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, and I heard that there is a great change and today I just have the opportunity to buy a special ticket. What a deal!" A Tianjin people said happily to reporters.

Key projects are center of attention in the future.

At the current Tourism Fair, the Municipal "Thirteen Five-year Plan" also promotes the key tourism projects in an in-depth way, which includes a number of tourism projects in Binhai New Area, which will be completed in the next few years.

For example, the highly anticipated Phase I of the National Marine Museum has entered the final stage, and the indoor exhibition construction of the museum has been launched. It is China's first national, comprehensive, public marine museum, with a current collection of exhibits of over 5 million items. The project of Yili International Eco-tourism Island has held a groundbreaking ceremony, and in the future it will build the first integrated theme park with eco-city services and urban ecology concept, which will form a layout of "one lake with three islands" as major functions, to provide visitors with a variety of options and to meet the needs of different tourists; the Gull Park to be completed will protect the relics and impart ecological scientific knowledge while bringing connotation of ancient coast and marine culture. It is divided into three parts say the gull feeding area, an ecological buffer zone and a popularization area, which will be the components of the "Gull Ecological Wetland Park" with carriers like the water along the anti-drought dam and wetland.

In addition, Fantawild World Phase Two (Huaqiang 3D stereoscopic film base industrial area, Fantawild Holiday Hotel), Dongdi Park, Gulang Water Town Artificial Beach, north and south island of the Aircraft Park Area, Tianjin Mazu Folk Culture Park, Sino-Singapore Friendship Park and other tourism projects are also accelerating construction. In the next few years, Binhai New Area will have more and more fun places.

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