SDIC Beijiang Power Plant Phase II Project Draws to a Close

2017-09-05 18:19

Recently, the reporter has been informed by SDIC Beijiang Power Plant that the four environmental-friendly coal bunkers of this project have been completed, including two coal bunkers upgraded and transformed in the Phase I Project and a new coal bunker built in Phase II. Each coal bunker stores 190,000-ton coals. It also means that the SDIC Beijiang Power Plant Phase II Project draws to a close. After it is completed, the project’s environmental protection indicators will reach the “ultra-clean” emission standards, truly realizing the green and clean emission of coal.

It is known that Beijiang Power Plant Phase II Project plans the construction of 2*1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generating units with the supporting construction of 300,000 tons/day desalination device, and all the technologies adopted in this project are currently the latest and most advanced technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection. After the Phase II Project is put into production, it will synchronously realize the central heating and replace the small coal-fired boilers of Hangu urban area in the future.

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