The Local Seafood on Sale Is Well Received Due to Attractive Price and Quality

2017-09-06 17:02

  On the morning of September 3, the reporter saw at the seafood trading market ofBeitang Wharf that tourists from the urban area or even Beijing were purchasing seafood in group, and the trading on site was in full swing. More than 50kg seafood brought by the fishing boat just pulled in to shore was sold out in no time. The fishermen selling seafood onsite told the reporter that a large number of southern seafoods were put on sale this year, so​​seafood price after the trade on sea started was nearly 50% lower than that in the same period last year.

  The reporter was informed that the fishing off season of Bohai Bay officially ended on September 1. At present, there are about 110 fishing vessels after the trade on sea started. Every day, about 6,000kg aquatic products of various kinds are fished for. Since a large number of seafoods are put on sale after trade on sea started, all kinds of aquatic products have low prices generally. Seafood price is expected to rise before the National Day holiday.

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