Share reform for enterprises in Binhai New Area to be listed goes on well

2017-09-06 18:35

Recently, the reporter learned from the Finance Bureau (Financial Services Bureau) of Tianjin Binhai New Area that, by the end of July this year, Binhai New Area is to start the reform for a total of 56 enterprises to complete 70%of the annual task; it has completed shares reforms of a cumulative 47 new enterprises, accounting for 67% of the annual task; it has 12 newly reportedenterprises, completing 92% of the annual task; 9 newly listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and New Third Board, completing 53% of the annual task; it has cumulative 454 enterprises being trained to be willing to reform on shares, completing 90% of the annual task. Newly listed enterprises in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange totaled at 31, accounting for 66% of Tianjin; companies listed in the New Third Board totaled at 95, accounting for 49% of Tianjin.

It is learned that based on the overall situation of Binhai New Area, in addition to " companies newly listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the New Third Board", the other indicators are achieved the objective of "completing more than half of tasks in more than half of the time". In addition, Tianjin Green Landscape Ecological Construction Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 1; Hengyin Financial Technology Co., Ltd. was approved by the China Regulatory Commission for Securities on July 31, which will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Tianjin Haiyitong Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Tianjin Hongyi Automobile Technology Development Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jingyi Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Huiyuan Printing and Packaging Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. have also received the approval letter to be listed on the New Third Board.

In terms of the functional zones, streets and towns, the functional zones are still the main force of listed companies, mainly concentrated in the Binhai High-tech Zone, the Bonded Area and TEDA; therefore, Tianjin Eco-city, Binhai CBD, the Dongjiang Bonded Port and the Harbor Economic Zone need to further explore the share reform for listed market resources; enterprises from streets and towns are mostly small and are not very willing to be listed on the stock market. Binhai New Area can consider strengthening enterprises in the streets to be listed on the regional market and developingf four plates. From the level of the capital market, the completion of the share reform is mainly on the enterprises listed in the Fourth Board Market, and for some better ones they can be listed on the New Third Board so there are very few enterprises to be pushed to be listed on the the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market. In the next step, the Finance Bureau of Binhai New Area will work with relevant departments, functional areas, streets and towns to further enrich the reserve resources, to increase the cultivation of reserve resources, to spare efforts to improve the level of intermediary services to reserve resources.

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