TEDA technological companies favored by the capital market

2017-09-07 20:55

On August 5, the reporter learned from the TEDA Technology Development Group that during the first seven months of this year, 239 enterprises were registered in the industrial and commercial authorities in the four new parks including Intelligent Unmanned Equipment Street, Healthcare Industrial Park, Electronic Information Industrial Park and Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industrial Park, with a total registered capital of 1.52 billion yuan. At the same time, a number of scientific and technological enterprises, which have been rooted in the Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA), achieve rapid development with their excellent corporate genes and excellent regional environment.

Scientific and technological projects (S&T projects) have received investment and financing support.

In April this year, Tianjin Sublue Ocean Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the A + round of financing, so that the science and technology enterprise growing in TEDA can enter the spotlight of a number of well-known media. Committed to become a domestic underwater robot industry leader, Tianjin Sublue Ocean Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has completed three rounds of financing, and the A + round of financing reached 110 million yuan. This round of financing will help it increase input in product R&D. The completion of the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) this year has madebreakthrough in the monopoly of foreign technology in this field while accelerating industrialization process of China’s AUV.

The same focus on the development of intelligent industry in Tianjin Branch of the Intelligent Identification of Industrial Technology Research Institute, settled in the development zone has developed the world's highest precision gait recognition Tianjin Academy for Intelligent Recognition Technologies, which is also committed to intelligent industry, developed the world’s best walking recognition system with the highest precision, China's first long-range iris face integration identification system and the first iris recognition authentication smartphone, together with a video detective fire detection product with the highest reliability to break the industry's record. At the same time, the Academy, its incubation enterprises and the introduced enterprises have achieved an agreed financing of 84 million yuan with a positive the development trend.

Excellent technological companies continue to agglomerate.

While settled innovative and entrepreneurial projects continue to grow steadily, a number of new and outstanding projects have also gathered in TEDA over the past few months. A person in charge of TEDA Technology Group said that as of the end of July, 239 enterprises were registered in the industrial and commercial authorities only in the four specialized parks with a total registered capital of 1.52 billion yuan, of which 2 enterprises have 100 million yuan, 12 enterprises more than 50 million yuan, 49 enterprises more than 10 million yuan, 85 enterprises more than 5 million. 15 projects are from Beijing with a total registered capital of 120 million yuan.

These newly settled enterprises including Tianjin Youxinerli Technology Services Co., Ltd., the first domestic information service company basing on user's social network to build a risk control system as a representative key project of the electronic information industry; set up Tianjin Ostar Ocean Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. relying on the Russian experts in the field of marine technology as a representative key project of the high-end equipment industry; a key healthcare project represented by China Nuclear Binhai (Tianjin) Proton Technology Co., Ltd.; a key project in the field of energy-saving environmental protection represented by the National Development(Tianjin) Green Park Research Institute Co., Ltd. established by Professors ofSchool of Environment, Tsinghua University.

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