China Tourism Fair 2017 ended with transactions of about 20 billion yuan

2017-09-07 20:59

On August 5, the reporter was informed that the China Tourism Fair 2017 ended and achieved fruitful results. The visitors to the Fair reached nearly 270,000 people with the transaction and the intended trading volume of about 20 billion yuan. Among them, the contract amount of small characteristics towns projects amounted to 19.84 billion yuan while motor vehicles, yachts, camping facilities, hut and other tourist facilities reached a transaction volume of 80.89 million yuan, and tourism products and tourism products trading volume amounted to 29.7 million yuan, coupled with a contracted amount of 120 million yuan.

It is learned that the Fair occupied an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters and a display area of 26,000 square meters. The world famous Jayco (Forest River), Hymer, Ralex, Shunlv, Zhongtian, Yateji, Zhenghe Tour Car Rental and other well-known tour car manufacturers and distributors, as well as the Himalaya, Distance and other camp facilities manufacturers and sales enterprises all arrived at the exhibition. A number of domestic and foreign tourism equipment manufacturing and marketing enterprises and exhibitors from the United States, the Great Britain, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, France Reunion, Nepal, Sri Lanka and more than 10 countries and 26 provinces and municipalities in China, tourism authorities in Macao and Taiwan and actively participated the Fair, therefore, the exhibition brand becomes more attractive.

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