The Largest Affordable Housing Project in New Area Is Sold out Immediately after Launch

2017-09-08 05:44

The reporter was informed by Tianjin Binhai New Area Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. that the 1,456 units in Xinjiayuan Nuantang, the largest affordable housing project in Binhai New Area, launched in the third quarter were sold out immediately after the launch a few days ago.

According to the information, this housing project launch work has two characteristics. First, the housing project launched this time is the largest affordable housing project in Binhai New Area, so the launch work attracted extensive attention from all sectors of the community. All kinds of media were competing to reprint the launch announcement and information, and a large number of affordable housing purchase permit holders from urban area were attracted. A total of 6,385 valid applicants were received. Second, the number of houses launched this time was larger than ever before, resulting in the great pressure of sales control work on the site of house selection. Through repeated comparison, selection and site visits, the method of house selection by computer was ultimately determined. This method can effectively prevent the human error in sales control. Furthermore, the completion of sign-in confirmation and automatic printing of ordering agreement by reading identity card greatly improved the work efficiency and the house election security. Visualized, convenient, safe reliable features of electronic equipment have become the greatest highlight of this housing project launch event.

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