The first class in the sea Norwegian "Joy" international cruise ship starts the first voyage in Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

2017-09-08 21:20

With the growing popularity of cruise tourism in Tianjin, a few days ago, known as the "first class in the sea," the Norwegian "Joy" set off officiallyfrom the Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, which has become the third international luxurious cruise after the "Quantum of the Seas" and "Ovation of the Seas", which visit Tianjin after setting off for one year. According to statistics of Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, the number of cruise ships this year will be expected to exceed 160 times.

The maiden voyage of promise of the Norwegian "Joy" in Tianjin lasts 6 days and 5 nights with a series of routes between Tianjin and Fukuoka, Japan. The "Joy" has a total tonnage of 167725 tons and a carrying capacity of 3850 people. It plans to sail in Tianjin Port for 6 voyages. As a large international luxurious cruise ship currently operating in Asia, the "Joy" cruise ship is designed for Chinese tourists to experience "first class" services. In addition to SPA, swimming fitness and sea view, there are maritime double karting tracks, sea skis, simulated driving, virtual world adventure and other entertainment. In addition, the "Joy" also has 28 kinds of international dining options, including seafood buffet, cruise hot pot, Korean food and a 900-square-meter duty-free shopping plaza.

According to statistics, last year, Tianjin International Cruise Home Port has received 138 cruise ships and 719,000 passengers, mainly from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. This year, Tianjin International Cruise Home Port has received a total of 120 international luxurious cruise ships and about 620,000inbound and outbound passengers. It is expected to have more than 160 international cruise ships in a year, hitting a new record high. At present, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Costa, Princess, Mediterranean and other cruise

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