"Fourth Tianjin Helicopter Expo" held in Airport Economic Zone from September 14 to September 17

2017-09-08 22:00

The 4th China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Fourth Tianjin Helicopter Expo") will be held from September 14 to September 17 in the Tianjin Airport Economic Zone. The reporter learned from the Organizing Committee that the Organizing Committee has opened up more than 4,000 free parking spaces, and the number of parking spaces increased by 20% over the previous year. Moreover, it also arranged free shuttle buses from the Metro Line 2 Airport Economic Zone Station directly to the exhibition site. In addition, this year the organizing committee arranged free shuttle buses from the temporary parking lot to the exhibition site for the first time.

Bearing in mind the traffic limits in advance: there bypass lines

During the exhibition, Gangcheng Avenue (Jingyi Road to Jingsan Road) has traffic limit so people can choose the following three routes to the exhibition site. Route one: residents can drive from the airport economic zone toll station on the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan highway to directly enter the Weishi Road and then to arrive at the parking lot; route two: residents can drive from Jinhan Road into the Airport Economic Zone and drive along the Central Avenue to the parking lot; route 3: residents can also exit from the Ninghe-JinghaiHighway in the Airport Economic Zone to drive along the Central Avenue and to arrive at the parking lot. During the exhibition, the main entrances, exits and important sections in the Airport Economic Zone will set the route guidance signs so that the public can drive in accordance with the site guidance and indicators.

More than 4,000 free parking spaces wipe out worries for the public.

In order to facilitate the public to travel and park, the Tianjin Helicopter Expo sets up a total of more than 4,000 free parking spaces near the exhibition venue, 500 more than that of previous year, including a main parking lot and four temporary parking lots. The main parking lot is located near the intersection of Weishi Road and Jingyi Road with about 1,400 parking spaces. Four temporary parking lots will be set up in the Xishisi Road, Xishiwu Road, Weishi Road and Jingsan Road. Conveniently, after the viewers park the cars, they can take the free buses with logos of "shuttle bus" in the temporary parking lot to reach the Expo venue.

Metro lines lead to the scene where free bus is available.

During the Tianjin Helicopter Expo, the Organizing Committee will continue to arrange free buses from the Airport Economic Zone Station on the Metro Line 2 to the exhibition venue. The public can take the Metro Line 2 to the metro station of Airport Economic Zone, and then transfer to a dedicated bus to directly reach the exhibition venue, free of charge, without in-between stops. During the Expo, the shuttle buses run from 8 am to 5:30 pm every day, with an intersection of 15 minutes during peak hours. Visitors from other provinces, arriving at the Tianjin Railway Station or at the airport, can take the Metro Line 2 to the station of Airport Economic Zone to take the free buses.

Four unrestricted bus lines

The original Bus No.511, No.516, No.528 and No.136 to the stop of "China Aviation Helicopter Industrial Base" are unrestricted by plate number control,and residents can take the above four buses to directly reach the venue of the Tianjin Helicopter Exp. In addition, the Organizing Committee also coordinates50 star taxis and more than 100 car hailing vehicles to park near the venue, specifically for the public.

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