Zhongtang Town completed objectives and tasks in the first half of the year successfully: Economy and social undertakings to open up new chapters

2017-09-08 22:03

Recently, the reporter learned from the second session of the Fourth People's Congress of the Zhongtang Town that in the first half of the year, Zhongtang Town further promoted the development strategy of "strong street and strong town", seizes opportunities and tackles difficulties; therefore its economy and social undertakings show new chapters with vigorous development.

People's livelihood achieves solid progress.

Zhongtang Town has always prioritized the economy to promote sound and rapid economic and social development. In the first half of the year, the important economic indicators of the Town steadily improved while comprehensive economic strength kept rising, especially the industrial park project, which has made new breakthroughs, and has constantly optimized the platform services to vigorously introduce large projects. At the same time, the Town firmly establishes the development concept of "science and technology lead and innovation drives" to actively create a good environment for the development of scientific and technological enterprises and to continue to enhance scientific and technological innovation capacity.

In the first half of the year, infrastructure in Zhongtang Town is maturing and urban quality is rising. The Town prioritizes rural residential communities to improve people's livelihood, and actively introduces new resources to speed up the construction of demonstration towns and to raise urban quality. At the same time, the Town combines with the work to create a hygienic Binhai New Area to continue to promote the comprehensive transformation of urban environment, to pay close attention to the clean and healthy environment in villages. In addition, it strictly implements supervision requirements imposed by the Ministry of Land and Resources, with a focus on combating illegal land use and governance with remarkable results achieved.

It is worth mentioning that the development of agriculture in the Town has made great progress while agricultural parks develop and expand, and the industrial chain continues to extend. In the first half of the year, the Town did a good job in increasing production and agricultural products, in consolidating the development potential of animal husbandry industry, and in carrying out rural property rights reform. In addition, people's livelihood and security in the Town has also continued to improve. The public service security system has been continuously improving wile cultural, educational and healthcare flourished. Safe production continued to be stable and continued to maintain social harmony and stability.

Striving to achieve a "new leap" in the second half of the year

In the second half of the year, Zhongtang Town will focus on the goals set at the beginning of the year, further strengthen the measures, pay close attention to implementation, increase efforts, and strive to promote the Town's economic and social development so as to achieve a new leap forward.

The party committee of Zhongtang Town put forward requirements for the town's work in the second half of the year: it is to adhere to the development as the top priority, to insist on economic development, to change ideas for development and to create a new engine of economic growth; it is to adhere to enhancing the quality of the Town, to "intelligently manufacturing" industrial parks as the carriers, to relying on automobile rubber and plastics industry, and to strengthening the production of auto parts while constantly extending the characteristics of the industrial chain; it is to strengthen the work and to firmly establish the development awareness of green GDP. It must adhere to deepening the "four consciousness", to implementing the strict management of the party’s requirements in an in-depth way, to maintain the core, to cast loyalty, to serve the people, to ensure the governance of the law, to grasp the grass branches as the goal and to ensure absolute loyalty to the party.

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