Scientific entrepreneurial enterprises in Binhai CBD can enjoy a number of national optimal dividends

2017-09-11 14:30

Four major advantages in policy

The policies have shown four major advantages nationwide:

First, the policies contain unprecedented great efforts to encourage upgrading of the makerspace, by not only giving subsidies during the creation and operation of the makerspace but also by giving incentives to introducing outstanding enterprises to settle, promoting scientific and technological innovation, holding forum activities, leading the organization of industrial technology innovation alliance, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship resources in  Beijing to interact with the makerspace;

Second, the policies maintain the highest level of subsidies to listed scientific entrepreneurial enterprises in the country;

Third, the policies contain the highest level of reward on investment income in the country;

Fourth, the policies maintain the highest level of financial supports to all kinds of scientific and technological enterprises.

On August 7, the reporter learned from the Binahi Central Business District (Binhai CBD) that the it put forward the 22 Policy Measures to Further Promote Technological Innovative Industrial Development for all kinds of scientific and technological innovation carrier platforms, scientific and technological innovation enterprises, science and technology service agencies and other scientific and technological innovation institutions, which have been registered in Binhai CBD and have been operating for a full year. According to the actual contribution to the Binhaii CBD, the administration is to give some financial supports.。

It is reported that a number of policy measures are unique in the country. This is also the third special industry promotion policy in the Binhai CBD this year to promote the development of two industries say film, television and cultural industry as well as commercial industry.

7 categories of enterprises can enjoy special supports.

It is reported that the policies are applicable to three areas say scientific and technological industry carriers, scientific and technological enterprises and science and technology service agencies. 7 categories of enterprises can enjoy special supports: leading scientific and technological enterprises registered, operated in Binhai CBD as well as paying tax there, high-tech enterprises, science and technology SMEs, scientific and technological innovative carrier platforms, scientific and technological service agencies, makerspaces and information service enterprises.

The policies will provide one-time funding to the technological carrier platforms, scientific and technological innovation enterprises, scientific and technological services and other institutions. Among them, the state-level and municipal high-tech enterprises are given incentives up to 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan; the public service platforms are given subsidies up to 10% of the amount of its services, etc.; for scientific and technological innovation and industrialization projects, recommended by the Binhai CBD to shoulder major national projects, which have significant roles in the development of Binhai CBD, if they have district-level financial matching requirements, subsidies will be granted according to the of proportion; if they don’t have district-level financial matching requirements, financial supports of up to 100% but less than 10 million yuan will be granted by the state. In addition, the policies also give housing subsidies of less than 2 million or 3 million yuan to scientific and technological innovation enterprises and institutions.

In terms of supports to patents, the policies also subsidize 6,000 yuan and 2,500 yuan to authorized invention patents and utility model patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. For foreign-related invention patents, which are acquired in the United States, the European Union and Japan, 40,000 yuan will be subsidized for each patent; for invention patents acquired in other countries or regions which are eligible to examine and approve patents, 20,000 yuan will be subsidized to each patent.

The new policies are more focused on stimulating innovation and autonomy of enterprise.

The relevant person in charge of Binhai CBD Center said that the new policies pay more attention to stimulate the innovation and autonomy of enterprises.

In terms of supporting development and promotion of makerspace, the policies give subsidies of 2 yuan per square meter to technologically leading makerspace, established by domestic and foreign well-known scientific research institutes, large technological leaders in the Binhai CBD to support internal entrepreneurship, scientific and technological research and development, the transformation of major results, depending on the actual operating areas, etc.; for identified enterprises and institutions in makerspaces with outstanding ability to innovate and exogenous and rich cooperation resources, maximum of 5 million yuan as annual subsidies will be granted; for outstanding enterprises or projects settled in makerspaces, 50,000 to 20,000 yuan as one-time awards will be given, etc.; for the public R & D service platforms owned by identified makerspaces, subsidies of 30% of purchase of equipment (rental)  cost for the R&D services will be given.

In addition, within five years since the establishment of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, for personal income tax of the founders due to the equity transfer or dividends paid by the personal income tax to the Binhai CBD, subsidiary will be awarded. For the companies to be listed on the "New Third Board" in the Binhai CBD a total reward of less than 3 million yuan will be given in phases; for enterprises to be listed on the main board and the GEM, a total of more than 5 million yuan will be rewarded. The Binhai CBD sets up a guide fund for follow-up investment, and joins venture capital institutions to co-invest in innovative enterprises according to the equity proportion of a maximum of 30%.

In addition, the identified technological innovation enterprises have access to necessary business consulting and other professional services provided by the administrative licensing service center.(By Wang Ning)

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