Strengthening the protection of wetland to achieve green development

2017-09-12 17:32

On September 8, the Standing Committee (enlarged) of Binhai New Area Party Committee held a meeting to convey the Wetland Nature Reserve Planning in Tianjin (2017-2025). Zhang Yuzhuo, a standing member of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, presided and delivered a speech Yang Maorong, Deputy Secretary of the District, and the District Governor, Xu Hongxing, Director of the Standing Committee of District People's Congress and Han Yuanda, Chairman of District Political Consultative Conference, attended. Lang Dongzhuan, Deputy District Governor conveyed the meeting.

Zhang Yuzhuo pointed out that the wetland is an important natural ecosystem, and it is also an important part of natural ecological space. In order to further promote the protection and restoration of the wetland in Tianjin, to enhance the ecological function of wetland, to maintain wetland biodiversity and to comprehensively enhance the level of wetland protection and repair, it is very necessary and important to formulate a plan.

Zhang Yuzhuo stressed that Binhai New Area has a large area of ​​wetlands, special gifts are given to Binhai New Area by the nature, and it will bear a special mission. The Wetland Nature Reserve Planning in Tianjin (2017-2025) must be implemented in place. We must form a joint work together.  We must clarify the territorial management and departmental supervision responsibilities, and all functional zones, streets and towns must take responsibility in their respective areas of wetland protection, the wetland management departments must conscientiously perform their duties, establish pragmatic and efficient work collaboration mechanism and form joint protection. We must strengthen the supervision and assessment. We must implement wetland management,clarify law enforcement units and personnel and tasks, and integrate the wetland protection and public supervision to ensure the implementation of responsibility. In accordance with the annual plan, we should conduct regular inspection, regular assessment, develop assessment methods and implement reward and punishment mechanism. We must strengthen publicity and education. We must carry out popular science education in wetlands for the public, use the Internet, interactive media and other means to popularize wetland science knowledge, to enhance the rule of law, to strengthen the introduction of professional personnel and to cultivate and form a shared social atmosphere. We must increase investment efforts. The financial department should increase the investment in wetland protection and management, actively implement the special funds for wetland protection, and actively explore and guide the social funds to participate in wetland protection and restoration.

District leaders Liu Zhong, Cao Jinqiu, Zhao Zhong, Li Jianjun, Meng Fanping, Sun Jianhua and Li Cailiang attended. District leader Yang Jinxing was at present.

Responsible comrades from relevant district departments, streets and towns participated.

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