Optimizing technological and financial services to "fuel" innovation

2017-09-13 17:09

"We are a high-tech enterprise founded in 2008, which is mainly engaged in development and production of AGV (unmanned vans) technology and products. Over the years, enterprises have been taking a road of light assets and R&D. Recently, we are worried about how to further expand the research and development capabilities and sales channels, and then Tianjin Binhai OTC High-tech Zone specifically throw out the 'olive branch' to us." In January this year, Tianjin Lang Yu Technology Development Co., Ltd. officially landed in Tianjin Binhai OTC High-tech Zone, i.e., the "New Fourth Board" market. And the beginning of the year, the cold wind was in sharp contrast to the fiery capital market in Binhai High-tech Zone.

Ren Zhiyong, General Manager of Tianjin Lang Yu Technology Development Co., Ltd., told reporters that although the company always has financing ideas and needs to enter the capital market, it is limited by its own volume so it is still a burden for the company to raise millions of dollars in a short time. But the "New Fourth Board" market solves the problems for enterprises, so it has not made up their minds yet. Ren Zhiyong believed that the newly landed "New Fourth Board" lowers the threshold with less cost, and the relevant departments will regularly organize training and road shows, which make them very "useful" for science and technology SMEs. According to the latest data released at the end of August, with the help of the "chuangtongpiao" service package in the Binhai High-tech Zone, 81 companies already land on the "New Fourth Board" to seek new channels of financing.

Binhai High-tech Zone’s attempt in the "New Fourth Board" is only a good microcosm in the capital environment that Binhai New Area has been cultivating since the 18th CPC Congress. Reporters learned from the Science and Technology Commission of Binhai New Area that last year, Binhai New Area continued to strengthen science and technology finance and technology services, with a total of 77 enterprises obtaining 29,519,000 yuan as subsidies of share reform, and 60 companies completing the share reform, 2 companies listed, 31 companies listing on the New Third Board. At present, the functional areas are still the main force for listed companies, mainly in Binhai High-tech Zone, the Bonded Area and Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA). Take the Binahi High-tech Zone as an example, the listed companies on the "New Third Board" reach 51, accounting for 1/4 of the current number of high-tech enterprises and listed companies in Tianjin.

In March this year, the Science and Technology Commission of Binhai New Area researched and developed the Three-year Action Plan for Science and Technology Financial Work in Binhai New Area to provide efficient and convenient financial services environment for regional science and technology enterprises and industrial development. It will work on promoting the rapid development of equity financing, promoting the rapid development of equity investment, playing a multi-level capital market role, enhancing the ability of insurance services, scientific and technological innovation, improving the scientific and technological financial services system and other aspects, to agglomerate, revitalize and dig scientific and technological financial resources, to improve the regional financial environment, to further promote the implementation of innovation-driven and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy.(By Wang Ning)

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