Smart elderly care service industry ushers in a "golden period"

2017-09-13 17:10

By 2020, Binhai New Area will work on three levels in the home, community and institution to strive to create a smart elderly care service industry application demonstration base with Binhai characteristics. Recently, the Implementation Opinions on Smart Elderly Care Services in Binhai New Area (2018 - 2020), (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinions) was officially announced. In the future, Binhai New Area will further accelerate the cultivation of smart elderly care service industry in Binhai New Area by promoting the research and development of key technological products, promoting the smart healthcare services, strengthening the construction of public service platforms, strengthening the construction of intelligent and healthy old-age service network and network security and a new model.

Targeted initiatives are used to optimize the industrial development environment.

The Implementation Opinions is undoubtedly playing a role as the policy engine in brewing development of the smart elderly care service industry in Binahi New Area. In addition to clarifying responsibilities of the relevant government departments, organization and leadership, the Implementation Opinions also sheds light on necessary funds for industrial development, market norms and other important links, with targeted measures.

In terms of improving capital investment, the Implementation Opinions puts forward that we should give full play to the municipal and district-level financial support to all types of funds to promote the integration of funds and intensive integration of various departments to increase efforts to the smart elderly care services. We should explore and state-owned capital investment company, give full play to the leadership and amplification of state-owned capital and guide social capital to participate in the development of smart elderly care services industry while supporting the formation of government funds together. We should actively promote the government to buy smart elderly care services, gradually expand the scope of purchase services and improve service content. We must explore the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model and actively guide the social capital to participate in the promotion of smart elderly care services.

At the same time, we must eencourage enterprises and institutions to strengthen the use of consumers training. Under the premise of the basic and affordable services purchased by the government, we should encourage qualified areas to use subsidies and other forms of support for families and individuals to buy the products and services of smart elderly care.

In addition, Binhai New Area will stand in line with the main business players, government support and market-oriented operation, to carry out application pilots in multi-level areas with a variety of types, and to actively cultivate smart elderly care services model and smart elderly care services demonstration base. At the same time, we should guide the hospitals, pension agencies, community service centers and related enterprises to participate in supporting the construction of pilot projects, to support enterprises to explore promotable and replicable smart elderly care services model and to provide quality medical care and protection over pension resources. From points to a surface, we can promote the smart elderly care services to develop in Binhai New Area.

Guiding enterprises to break through key technologies

Besides measures to guarantee improvement of the industrial development, the Implementation Opinions provides directions for more innovative exploration of industry and enterprises. "Intelligent low-power and high-performance microprocessors and lightweight operating systems for low-power, miniaturized intelligent sensing technology, indoor and outdoor high-precision positioning technology, large capacity, miniaturized energy supply technology healthcare management terminal health and physical testing and monitoring technology. It supports integrated design technology with large capacity, multi-interface and multi-interactive health management platform, and health management class intelligent wearable equipment, portable health monitoring equipment, self-service health testing equipment, intelligent old-age care equipment, home intelligent service robot and other products", were all identified as core key technology, design and products for enterprises to make breakthroughs in the next step in intelligent health pension terminal.

According to the Implementation Opinions, Binhai New Area will also base on the needs of industrial development and strengthen the construction of public service platforms. In the future, Binhai New Area will encourage enterprises to carry out R&D innovation of smart elderly care service industry, to solve the problems of common technical supply of the industry, and to constantly innovate the industrial ecological system. It is to support the enterprises to increase investment in key technologies, core devices, key product development, product testing and certification, intellectual property protection and other aspects and to enhance the smart elderly care service industry as well as the ability to promote innovation and industrialization.

Cultivation of the smart elderly care service industry is also a new format as the focus of attention of Binhai New Area. In the next step, Binhai New Area will promote the government (community) and smart elderly care service enterprises to discuss cooperation, to open up the "last mile" of old-age service into the community and the family. For the elderly needs for old age services, Binhai New Area is to support enterprises to develop suitable home care products and services models.

According to the Implementation Opinions ", by 2020, Binhai New Area will work on three levels in the home, community and institution to strive to create a smart elderly care service industry application demonstration base with Binhai characteristics and cultivate industrial leaders and intelligent elderly service products and brands. Health management, home care and other smart elderly care services are basically universal while intelligent health and quality of service efficiency are significantly improved. The smart elderly care service industry is developing, and the environment continues to improve while information security capabilities will enhance.(By Wang Ning)

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