The Fourth China Tianjin Helicopter Expo signed key projects

2017-09-18 10:23

On the morning of September 14, the signing ceremony of the key projects of the Fourth China Tianjin International Helicopter Expo was held. Chen Yuanxian, Deputy General Manager of China Aviation Industry Group, Yang Maoorong, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee and District Governor, attended the ceremony. Jiang Fenggang, Secretary of the District Government and Director of the Office Committee, Administrative Committee of the Free Trade Zone and responsible comrades from Zhongtian Aviation Investment Co., Ltd. participated.

At the signing ceremony, the Administrative Committee of Free Trade Zone signed the Investment Agreement on Civil Helicopter Maintenance Project with CITIC Haitian Company, signed the Cooperation Agreement on Helicopter Flight Training Center with the Aviation Industry Helicopter and the Investment Agreement for Civil Helicopter Maintenance Project with Aviation Industry Helicopter. It signed the Aircraft Leasing Project Investment Agreement with China Aviation Leasing, Investment Agreement on Changing Passenger Aircrafts into Cargo Aircrafts with Sichuan Hite High-tech Zone, Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Huatai Aviation Industry with Huatai Investment, Aircraft Leasing Project Investment Agreement with Hebei Financial Leasing and Investment Framework Agreement on COSCO Maritime Air North Base with COSCO Maritime Air Transport.

It is learned that as one of the important content of this Helicopter Expo, the signed key projects cover many areas in the development of aviation industry, which will further accelerate the development of new aviation industry and enhance industrial advantages.(By Wang Ning)

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