Tianjin Helicopter Expo becomes a catalyst of business tourism economy in Binhai New Area

2017-09-19 16:37

The two days in last weekend marked the Fourth Tianjin Helicopter Expo. The scene was full of people and bustling. Helicopter enthusiasts here can not only watch the helicopter stunts, but they also closely experience "how to operate" the aircraft. After full experience, Tianjin Tianjin Helicopter Expo turned out to be a success, attracting a lot of visitors from Beijing, Hebei and other places for a visit so Tianjin Helicopter Expo has become a tourism highlight with feature of Binhai New Area.

The whole family is well "prepared" for the Tianjin Helicopter Expo.

"Finally we see the real helicopter fly over our heads," a primary school student named Yang Yang excitedly told reporters. Yang Yang's father is an "aviation fan", and in order to witness the Army "wind and thunder" flight performance team's wonderful performances, he took the family early to Expo site in the Airport Economic Area. He is familiar with "double helicopter ballet" "pendulum flying" "tail chase", "four-helicopter flower" and other complex helicopter performance and models, and he explained to the children from time to time.

Whenever the helicopter show began, there were crowds of people in the public, and many viewers are "prepared". Some viewers come with folding chairs, and some come with telephoto lens and the telescopes. Children riding on the father's neck and the public hold cell phones with praise and cheers.

People stood in long queues to "operate the helicopter".

In addition to the wonderful flight performance, in the exhibition hall, exhibitors have also increased the interaction with the audience. A foreign exhibitor will combine the helicopter rescue and VR and people can experience wearing VR glasses, the rescue rope on the waist, one can simulate the launch of the signal request at sea and the overall helicopter rescue situation, attracting a lot of viewers.

Reporters saw next to the star helicopter AC352 integrated program trainer and heavy interactive virtual cabin that many people excitedly watching the simulator experiencers and patiently lining up, in order to personally try to fly. Tang Hong, the person in charge of the production enterprise, told the reporter that the heavy interactive virtual cockpit can simulate the cockpit equipment interface of the helicopter, and introduce VR technology to show the complete cockpit internal structure, spatial scope and evaluation of the main equipment layout, so it has the function of flight experience.

"I have always wanted to learn how to operate the plane and I heard that a lot of flying experience simulator was on the scene, so I am very eager to come close to experience." Mr. Yang, specially coming from Beijing, pulled the total distance from the simulator and saw in the large screen that he gradually left the ground. Sometimes with the pedal to control the helicopter steering, he sometimes shook the joystick to control the helicopter yaw. Mr. Yang circled in the air for several laps and then he ended the "flight."

After watching the Expo, people pay visits to Binhhai New Area.  

"During a long time in the past, the industrial tour in Binhai New Area has been the concern of residents and tourists. We also launched the aerospace industry tourism projects to Airbus, UAV base and other key representative points, attracting a lot of public tourists’ attention. The Helicopter Expo attracted a lot of visitors from the city to watch on the scene," said the relevant person in charge of the Commission of Commerce in Binhai New Area to the reporter. The Helicopter Expo not only brought constant people flow, but it also brought popularity to the catering, shopping centers, supermarkets and other service enterprises around the Airport Economic Area. During the Expo, occupancy rate of hotels close to the sites increased significantly.

At the same time, many public tourists from Beijing, Hebei and other places also heard of the Expo, and during the day after watching the wonderful performances, they went to the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, the Dongjiang Bay Area and other new tourist attractions in Binhai New Area to play and to enjoy a happy weekend. The economic agglomeration effect and the instantaneous expansion effect of the Helicopter Expo are remarkable, becoming the catalyst of the tourism economy in Binhai New Area.(By Wang Ning)

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