Resource recycling industry ushers in favorable environment

2017-09-22 08:17

The reporters learned from the Municipal Commission of Information and Industry that it just recently organized the compiling of the Three-year Development Plan for Resource Recycling Industry in Tianjin (2018-2020). The Plan puts forward that by the end of the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, Tianjin's major industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization rate will remain at 98% or more and Tianjin's resources recycling technology and equipment level shall be significantly improved. It is to use fields for effective expansion, to grow the industrial scale and to promote the basic formation of a long-term development mechanism of resource recycling, with main indicators continuing to maintain the forefront of the country, so that it can be a powerful driving force to promote energy-saving emission reduction and an important support to the development of circular economy. By 2020, the scale of Tianjin's resource recycling industry is to reach 36 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of10% or above.

Collaborative development encourages leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

The relevant responsible person of the Municipal People's Committee of Industry and Information said that Tianjin will encourage and support large-scale comprehensive utilization of waste, renewable resources and a number of resources recycling leading enterprises to merge, acquire, etc. to implement industrial integration, promote talents introduction, technology and research resources to focus on leading enterprises and to promote enterprises to be bigger and stronger. By 2020, it is to cultivate a number of resources recycling leading enterprises with annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan and to form a pattern of industrial development with leading enterprises and small and medium enterprises in the forefront.

The relevant responsible person of the Municipal People's Committee of Industry and Information said that during the "Twelfth Five-year Plan" period, the unit GDP energy consumption in Binhai New Area was 0.51 tons of standard coal / 10,000 yuan, and in 5 years it should be cut by 25.46%; the comprehensive utilization rate of major industrial solid wastes remained at 98% while the comprehensive utilization rate of solid wastes maintained at 99%. Binhai New Area will actively set up a green development industry alliance with the backbone enterprises as the main body, which is market demand-oriented, with a close combination of production and research, a focus on promoting cleaner production, energy saving, comprehensive utilization and renewable resources, new energy and renewable energy and emerging industry and other development.

The industry experts believe that the Plan will further accelerate the development of resources recycling industry. From the perspective of industry, it has formed several new models. For example, the "Internet + recycling" model, although it still has many deficiencies, it is the development direction for resource recycling industry. There is a "sanitation recycling integration" model, renewable resources enterprises assuming garbage classification, resource recovery, sanitation cleaning and cleaning, resource processing and utilization, etc. to form an urban environment integrated service system. This "sanitation recycling integration" model will develop by leaps and bounds in the Thirteenth Five-year Plan period.

Binhai New Area has a set of methods for resources recycling with 100% depletion.

The resource recycling industry, for many industrial enterprises, is increasingly obvious. As the first batch of national circular economy pilot industrial park, the Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA) has been exploring sustainable market-oriented operation mechanism. Years ago, TEDA has carried out a thorough investigation of the major industries and found that enterprises in TEDA had low e-waste recycling rate, so a "complementary project" plan guided by the government planning began.

In order to improve the electronic information industrial chain of TEDA, Taiding Environment Technology Co., Ltd., with an annual handling capacity of 30,000 tons of hazardous waste was put into operation in 2005, so that the use of e-waste resources can be achieved. Zhang Xiaocheng, an engineer from the company, said that after the dismantling of precious metals, etc., they can all enter the downstream enterprises for recycling.

"After dismantling, recycled electronic wastes, will go through mechanical crushing of circuit boards, washing and other processes, to get copper powder. At the same time, the precious metal parts will be smelted to separate the extraction of gold, silver, palladium and platinum, etc., whose environmental protection solutes can all be recycled," said a related person in charge of Taiding Environment, which has established long-term cooperative relations with a number of enterprises in Binhai New Area to engage in recycling of electronic wastes. It will gradually radiate to the surrounding cities, form a processing network with joint collection and transport, to effectively integrate regional resources, to improve operational efficiency and to construct a comprehensive recycling electronic waste base in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

In fact, Binhai New Area sets high environmental barriers to the layout of the industry, gives priority to the introduction of environmental-friendly symbiotic enterprises in industrial chains, to maximize the use of resources. Novozymes is the world's leading enterprise for industrial enzyme preparation and microbial agents. In the past, the production residue would be directly drained and burned, but now they have been depleted and squeezed into bags of fertilizer. Wang Maoxia, the company's quality environment and safety director, introduced that all the processes are done through microbial fermentation so that the starch and sugar that microbes did not eat will be separated after fermentation and all the wastes can be made into Novo fertilizer, with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons.(By Wang Ning)

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