Famous figures at the Expo share cultural and creative entrepreneurship

2017-09-26 15:43

Even September 22 is still a working day, the Cultural and Creative Exhibition has attracted the attention of many people to visit and to linger in a wide variety of exhibits at the scene, and they also become interested in the creative products. For this, Binhai Times invited four famous exhibitors in the cultural creative industry to share their difficulties and experience in the development of cultural products while conducting live broadcast through the "Binhai News Release" microblogging. This event was broadcasted for 240,000 times and the topic has been read for nearly 500,000 times.

The development of traditional culture and art is both hot and a difficult point. "The New Year Picture is a more folk thing so how to make it favored by the young people now is the focus of our work and is also the difficulty," said Li Jie, manager of market development department, Tianjin Yangliuqing Yearly Painting Club. When the Club develops cultural products in the studio, it mainly focuses on in-depth digging the connotation of culture and put it out, "Not just the image, but also the anecdotes contained in the yearly paintings, we will focus on digging, so that the elements of ancient wisdom can enter the modern life."

Yang Liuqing Yearly Painting Club provides the direction for the development of traditional culture, and Yuanye, an industrial designer from Alashan UNITA Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd., shared skills of his team to tap the charm of regional culture. "Our team members are not local natives, and when we dig it, we really enter their lives. Through their living conditions, especially festivals we can understand the local characteristics," Yuanye said. The team is also good at using the local museums, books and other databases, "especially the library, we stayed there for a week and read the books one by one to check their information – only by in-depth probing can we get the real geographical charm."

"Beijing Qianmen" is the first intangible cultural heritage industrial platform, and in the traditional cultural excavation, they choose the "complex" method. "We are committed to creating a multi-party intangible heritage industrial platform, which is composed by the arts and crafts, exhibition. Expo, cultural performances, cultural dining, intangible heritage classroom and other content," said Yan Weidong, market exhibition manager of Yongxin Huayun. Through the ecological form of Qianmen people can have a variety of experience.

Being able to get through different cultures, IP is now a hot topic. "IP must be cross-border, and it can open up the film and television, music, education, sports and other aspects. IP is our core, and then through the product it can serve a community. Because the community is in large scale, the product is more. Through the IP, cross-border community services can be achieved," said Jiang Yi, founder of the YUOO (Tianjin) Makerspace.(By Wang Ning)

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