Pharmaceutical companies in Binhai New Area "hold hands" with international top enterprise

2017-09-26 15:44

Reporters learned from the Administrative Committee of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, the Eco-city enterprises Jieke (Tianjin) Biomedical Co., Ltd. recently signed an agreement with the German Sartorius Group's Sartorius Stefan China, to cooperate comprehensive technology development in the field of gene therapy in the cell culture process.

It is reported that the cooperation between the two sides for the development of cell cultivation technology is a key for the new target gene drug and recombinant vaccine production technology therapy. Once a major technological breakthrough is achieved, it will accelerate the research and development and production capacityof domestic tumor targeting drugs. As a leading international provider of equipment and services of biopharmaceutical industry, Sartorius Stefan will provide research and development and pilot-to-commercial production of cell culture platform in this technical cooperation while Jieke Biological North American R&D department builds a platform to provide comprehensive support for technological transfer between China and the United States and to speed up the technology landing.(By Wang Ning)

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