Professional environment to help outstanding enterprises rise

2017-09-27 08:37

Recently, a TV program named "Witty" in the CCTV channel to showcase "black technology" of domestic artificial intelligence has attracted a lot of attention since it was launched. In the upcoming broadcast period one, the "Galaxy Water Drop" team will use the gait recognition technology to identify 21 golden dogs with similar blood, skeletal development and gait. Gait recognition is a new biometrics technique designed to identify people by walking gestures. Reporters learned that the "Galaxy Water Drop" is the world's first company in cross-view gait recognition to achieve the accuracy of up to 94%, which began commercialization. In the near future, this company has just completed an angel financing of 60 million yuan.

Reporters learned from the Tianjin Academy for Intelligent Recognition Technologies that the "Galaxy Water Drop" is a science and technology enterprise incubated by the Academy. Reporters saw from the official website of "Galaxy Water Drop", Sun Zhenan, dean of Tianjin Academy for Intelligent Recognition Technologies, is also a technical director of the "Galaxy Water Drop".

Artificial intelligence is now one of the important popular technological industries, but compared to the shared economy, take-away and other popular industries, artificial intelligence innovation and entrepreneurship not only have a certain demand for the funds, but they also have higher demands on technology and talents. Traditional incubators and incubation system cannot meet the needs of the development of artificial intelligence teams; therefore, it is essential to introduce Tianjin Academy for Intelligent Recognition Technologies with strength and ability to promote a platform for high-tech research and development in the field of intelligent identification, incubation, transformation and industrialization while promoting development of artificial intelligence industry in Binhai New Area.

In the development of artificial intelligence industry, Binhai New Area is still exploring the construction of professional parks, to attract start-up enterprises with development potential to lead the industry, and then by accelerating the growth of these enterprises it is to support the final formation of industrial clusters and industrial development path.

Talking about the artificial intelligence industry in Binhai New Area, iFLYTEK and Tianjin Sublue Ocean Science & Technology Co., Ltd. are bound to be mentioned as representative enterprises. The companies were start-ups which settled in TEDA Intelligent Unmanned Equipment Industrial Park, but by virtue of the innovative advantages of the two companies in fields of the UAV flight control system and underwater robot, they have been developing rapidly in the past few years. The development of the two companies attracted respective supporting enterprises to gather in the park and the TEDA.

In retrospect to the early development of these enterprises, TEDA Intelligent Unmanned Equipment Industrial Park undoubtedly plays an important role. Compared to the average parks which provide general industrial services such as plants, TEDA provides more professional services to the two companies. Through docking business needs, TEDA has introduced a number of professional equipment to meet the needs of enterprises in R&D and testing and to reduce the costs of initial development.

In June this year, the World Intelligence Congress (WIC for short), enabled Tianjin to be the center of the global intelligent industry. From the closing of WIC, three months has passed. Binhai New Area, as a gathering area of intelligent technology industry in Tianjin, has been spread news of the development of artificial intelligence industry so that the innovative enterprises can obtain capital, send technological team to land CCTV program and to lead intelligent technological industry to accelerate pace to be in the center of the stage in Binhai New Area. What is the drive for rapid development of the intelligent industry in Binhai New Area?

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