A new chapter for aviation industry in Tianjin Airport Economic Area (TAEA)

2017-09-27 08:41

On September 20, Airbus's first A330 wide-body completion and delivery center outside Europe was commissioned at the Tianjin Airport Economic Area (TAEA). On the same day, an A330, completed by Airbus CEIBS staff in Toulouse, France, was also delivered to Tianjin Airlines at the Center. Tianjin has also become the fourth in the world after Toulouse, Hamburg and Seattle, which are all capable of assembling both single-aisle aircrafts and dual-aisle aircrafts.

Airbus Tianjin assembly line will also be upgraded.

The Airbus Tianjin A330 Completion and Delivery Center is linked to the current Airbus Tianjin A320 Series Aircraft Assembly Line and Airbus Tianjin Delivery Center. The Center is responsible for the installation and decoration of the A330 wide-body cabinets, aircraft painting, engine testing, flight testing and aircraft delivery and customer reception, etc.. The A330 wide-body cabin is much more complex than the single-aisle aircraft. For example, the A330's cabin is nearly four times as a single-aisle aircraft. A total of 1500 liters of paint will be sprayed on an A330 aircraft with a total area of about 2,200 square meters. After fully drying, the total weight of the paint is 330 to 400 kilograms." Ma Fulang, chief operating officer of Airbus China's Civil Aircrafts, told reporters that next year, Airbus A330 Neo new engine picking and evidence will be completed, and the Airbus considers completing and delivery the A330Neo here while planning to install the latest A350 aircrafts and completing the delivery work here.

Fabrice Breez, Airbus chief operating officer and president of civil aircraft, said that since the opening and start of the Center, it marks another important milestone in the development of Airbus and China's partnership; therefore, the long-standing relationship between Airbus and China's aviation industry extends from the field of single-channel aircraft to the wide-body machine field.

It is learned that the newly delivered A330 aircrafts take two cabins design with a total of 260 seats, including 18 business class seats and 242 economy class seats. In the early days of delivery, Tianjin Airlines will use the aircrafts to fly to Tianjin - Xiamen, Tianjin - Chengdu and other domestic routes, and later it will fly to international routes such as Australia, Russia, France, the United States and other countries, to help international development of Tianjin Airlines.

The Airbus project opens the door to the aviation industry.

"Tianjin Airport Economic Area and the entire aviation industry in Tianjin are starting from the project of Airbus A320 Tianjin Assembly Line." In review of the development of aviation industry in TAEA, Zhao Xuesen, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Zhongtian Aviation Industry Investment Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Airbus (Tianjin ) Assembly Co., Ltd., is filled with emotion.

When the first Airbus A320 series aircraft production line outside Europe settled, aviation industry in the Tianjin Airport Economic Area started from scratch and then traveled on the fast-track for development by leaps and bounds. Yang Bing, Director of TAEA Administrative Committee, said that TAEA has now formed a certain scale of the aviation industry cluster, becoming one of China's major aviation industry bases. At present, TAEA has introduced more than 60 high-end aviation manufacturing and maintenance projects, more than 200 aviation services projects, including five world's top 500 companies and 15 leading projects. More than 10 major projects are actively promoting the establishment of aircraft machine manufacturing and maintenance, together with the production and maintenance of parts, aviation services, air operations, aviation finance, aviation exhibition and other industrial chains, forming a gathering effect of the aviation industry.

In 2016, TAEA has achieved an aviation industry output value of 73 billion yuan and the operating income of aviation service industry of more than 20 billion yuan. In the future, TAEA will continue to take advantage of international cooperation to attract more aviation industrial projects to gather in the Tianjin Airport Economic Area. It is expected that by 2020, the output value of aviation industry in TAEA will exceed more than 100 billion yuan, to truly build a 100-billion-yuan aviation industry cluster, and to form a higher level aviation industry system with more scale and functions. Such a differentiated development strategy will also be unique in the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

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Tianjin Customs’ innovation services to "escort" the first A330 delivery.

The A330, which was delivered at Airbus's A330 Completion and Delivery Center yesterday, arrived in Tianjin on August 10. Tianjin Customs’ efficient supervision and quality services provided a guarantee for the smooth delivery of the aircraft.

It is learned that, in order to support the operation of Airbus Tianjin A330 project, Tianjin Customs launched a series of support initiatives. In view of the large number and variety of materials used in the project, the customs innovated the "single product name and single tax line" supervision mode. For the non-key materials and parts in the production of Airbus A330 aircrafts, according to the single category filing supervision and effective simplification of business procedures, it reduced the business pressure from archival and cancelation. Zheng Qi, Deputy General Manager of Airbus (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., said: " single product name and single tax line' regulatory model has saved the time cost of materials and parts by an average of 5 to 10 working days.

In order to meet the needs of enterprises for rapid customs clearance due to the very tight schedule, Tianjin Customs set up a A330 project audit dedicated channel in the receipt site to process documents immediately, to "seamlessly dock" the circulation mode, to compress clearance time and to become the "hour item" and "bonus item" in the whole project operation flow. At the same time, for some large equipment and fixtures, which need gondola supervision, Tianjin Customs adopted a direct transfer mode to transport the required goods to the Bonded Area through the most convenient way, savings nearly 2 days on average. "Tianjin Customs’ enthusiastic and efficient services and a series of innovative support initiatives have played an important role in the smooth operation of the A330 project," Zheng Qi said.

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